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Morocco Travel Guide

5 reasons to travel to Morocco

I am particularly fond of Morocco because of its rich and varied culture and its breathtaking landscapes. From the mountains and oases of the Atlas Mountains to the long beaches on the Atlantic Coast, the fortified cities, and the high-up villages, there is something to satisfy everyone's taste. Just one trip is generally not enough!

  1. Go surfing in Essaouira
  2. Explore every corner of the magnificent and varied medinas
  3. Discover the treasures of the Moroccan culture
  4. Hiking in the Atlas Mountains
  5. Discover unforgettable landscapes

Culture and Discovery

Morocco's incredible souks

Morocco's incredible souks

If there is a place that sums up the incredible diversity and richness of the beautiful country of Morocco, it is certainly the countless markets called souks. You will dive into the unforgettable atmosphere and you will find everything imaginable and more.
Nina Montagné29 March 2018
Travel story
Walks in the centre of Morocco

Walks in the centre of Morocco

In the surrounding areas of Marrakech and the centre of the country, the nature is absolutely spectacular. Sportsmen and adventurers have the opportunity to really enjoy roaming these beautiful landscapes by foot!
Nina Montagné29 March 2018
Travel story

Is this the destination for you?

Morocco is a passionate country but it can surprise those who go there with our western customs.

You should go if

  • You love the culture of Maghreb and North Africa
  • You like to discover old medinas in fortified towns
  • You have the desire to walk in wonderful and wild landscapes
  • You adore couscous, tagine and mint tea!
  • You love to surf and kite surf and you want to take a chance with the waves in the south of Morocco
  • You have the urge to discover the dunes and the sand of the desert in the south of the country
  • You like the scents of spices, the colours and the effervescent atmospheres of the souks and the markets
  • You dream of palaces and royal cities
  • You yearn for sun and a change of scene

You shouldn't go if

  • You have the desire to tan in a bikini, peacefully on the beach
  • You want to dress how you like, in a mini skirt or shorts
  • As a woman, you will not stand for men staring at you or inappropriate remarks
  • You want to walk around alone at night
  • You will not put up with your female friend, girlfriend or wife being ogled at in the street
  • You desire a sea, sex and sun destination
  • You're not interested in Maghreb or North African countries' culture
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