Menara Gardens and Atlas Mountains, Marrakech

5 reasons to travel to Morocco

I am particularly fond of Morocco because of its rich and varied culture and its breathtaking landscapes. From the mountains and oases of the Atlas Mountains to the long beaches on the Atlantic Coast, the fortified cities, and the high-up villages, there is something to satisfy everyone's taste. Just one trip is generally not enough!
  1. 1
    Go surfing in Essaouira
  2. 2
    Explore every corner of the magnificent and varied medinas
  3. 3
    Discover the treasures of the Moroccan culture
  4. 4
    Hiking in the Atlas Mountains
  5. 5
    Discover unforgettable landscapes
1. Go surfing in Essaouira

Sport lovers, don't miss out on a trip to the beaches along the Atlantic Coast in the southern part of Morocco. Travel through Essaouira and Sidi Ifni on your way to a world-famous surfing and kitesurfing spot: Dakhla. There you will find athletes from all over the world staying in caravans, in campsites, with locals, or even in bivouac shelters. They go there to tackle the waves. It is still quite a distinctive atmosphere that is separate from the rest of Morocco.

2. Explore every corner of the magnificent and varied medinas

The medinas in Marrakesh, Essaouira, Fez, and Tétouan are classified as UNESCO World Heritage Sites and each is more beautiful than the last. It is necessary to spend an entire day at each of these so you can take your time exploring the unique atmosphere of these places that are so steeped in history and culture. Awaken all of your senses and go on a journey to these medinas where time has stopped to give way to dreams and imagination.

3. Discover the treasures of the Moroccan culture

Music, artists, food... Moroccan culture is incredibly varied and rich. During your trip to Morocco, don't miss out on discovering the many cultural festivals and music festivals that are held throughout the year all over the country: Gnaoua World Music Festival in Essaouira; the Festival of World Sacred Music in the Medina of Fez, which has been classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO; the Alegria Festival in Chefchaouen; etc. Not to mention the many traditional festivals in the different villages.

4. Hiking in the Atlas Mountains

There are many magnificent hikes to go on in Morocco, especially in the High and Middle Atlas Mountains. During your trip to Morocco, you will be able to traverse the splendid Dadès Valley and Drâa Valley, or perhaps even tackle the mountains. Many guides and travel agencies organise these treks and hikes, arranging for locals and donkeys to go with you to carry your bags. I advise those who want to travel by themselves to take a good map and to be aware of where the watering holes are located as there are not many of them.

5. Discover unforgettable landscapes

Morocco is an extremely fascinating country due to the variety of its geography and natural landscapes. In fact, its landscapes change radically as you travel from the north to the south; from the steep Mediterranean coasts to the long sandy beaches and surf along the Atlantic Coast; from the superb Atlas Mountains to the dune-filled desert in the south; from the landscapes of Rif to the medinas of Marrakesh, Chefchaouen, and Fez through the incredible Dadès Valley and Drâa Valley.

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Why travel to Morocco?

Morocco is a passionate country but it can surprise those who go there with our western customs.
You should go if...
  • You love the culture of Maghreb and North Africa
  • You like to discover old medinas in fortified towns
  • You have the desire to walk in wonderful and wild landscapes
  • You adore couscous, tagine and mint tea!
  • You love to surf and kite surf and you want to take a chance with the waves in the south of Morocco
  • You have the urge to discover the dunes and the sand of the desert in the south of the country
  • You like the scents of spices, the colours and the effervescent atmospheres of the souks and the markets
  • You dream of palaces and royal cities
  • You yearn for sun and a change of scene
You shouldn't go if
  • You have the desire to tan in a bikini, peacefully on the beach
  • You want to dress how you like, in a mini skirt or shorts
  • As a woman, you will not stand for men staring at you or inappropriate remarks
  • You want to walk around alone at night
  • You will not put up with your female friend, girlfriend or wife being ogled at in the street
  • You desire a sea, sex and sun destination
  • You're not interested in Maghreb or North African countries' culture

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When to go in Morocco?

The best time to travel to Morocco is Spring or Autumn, when the temperatures are at their most pleasant. In the summer, temperatures can be stifling and winter does not show Morocco's charms so well, especially as it can rain in the North. If you handle heat well or if you go to the mountains, you can also travel between May and September.
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Prepare your trip in Morocco
Only a few hours' flight from London, Morocco has been a popular destination for British people. So lets recap to make sure we haven't forgotten anything.

What documents are needed for traveling to Morocco?

You only need a passport that is valid for the length of your proposed stay in Morocco. Make sure you get it stamped when you enter or you may have problems when you try to leave. You don't need a visa if you are staying for less than 3 months.

Health advise

No vaccinations are obligatory. But, as for any trip, Typhoid and Hepatitis A are advisable.


The official language is Arabic. English is spoke in a few places but most of the population, and especially anyone involved in tourism, speaks French.

Time difference

Morocco is in the same time zone as the UK. When it is noon at home, it is noon in Marrakesh.

Phone and internet connection

The international dialling code is +212

You can access the internet throughout the country in cyber cafes or use Wifi in the hotels.


The plugs are the same as in France so you will need an adapter. -

Consulate General of the Kingdom of Morocco in England

97-99 Praed Street

London W2 1NT

Tel: +44 20 7724 0624

The British Embassy in Morocco

28 Avenue S.A.R. Sidi Mohamed

Rabat 10105

Tel: +212 5376-33333