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What to do in Morocco?

Salaam alaikoum! When we think of Morocco, it is the buzzing and colourful souks, filled with the scent of exotic spices that spring to mind. We conjure up images of magnificent palaces, lush gardens and white, sandy beaches that stretch far into the horizon. But there is more to Morocco; a depth that goes beyond its beauty and colour. There is its soul, a heart that beats not only in the bazaars but also across its lands, all there for you to discover as you immerse yourself in the daily lives of its people. By meeting these people and by enjoying their hospitality during your stay, you will see Morocco and its inhabitants unveil the hidden treasures that lie at the core of their culture. From its four royal cities to the misty ramparts of Essaouira, from hiking and trekking across the countryside (be it in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains or on a camel’s back in the Sahara), wonders await you, no matter what your choice of holiday may be.

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When to go in Morocco?

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Morocco is a beautiful country year round, with its majestic mountain ranges, serene beaches, and some of the most exciting cities on the continent. The likes of Marrakesh, Casablanca, and Rabat entice millions of people each year for shopping in their souks and feasts of exceptional Moroccan cuisine. Spring in Morocco offers a dazzling palette of colors, as flowers blossom in technicolor, the dry desert regions turn deep reds and burnt oranges, and mountain areas come to life as verdant green landscapes. 

Why should I visit Morocco in the spring? 

The best time to visit Morocco is during spring, when the temperatures are neither too hot or too cold. You can travel to any part of the country during spring, from the desert to the mountains, without worrying about the weather, and there are fewer crowds to compete at this time of year.

The best things to do in Morocco in spring 

If you’re planning a spring trip to Morocco, here are the best things to do in this North African country. 

Discover the vast desert 

A large part of Morocco is covered by the Sahara, the world's largest sandy desert. Visitors can explore the vast expanse of the Sahara by riding on a camel or taking to the dunes on a four-wheel-drive excursion. This is an excellent opportunity to experience the majesty and scale of this desert. Come nighttime, there are spectacular stars to gaze at. 

Explore the city of Marrakesh 

The beautiful city of Marrakesh has plenty of allure. The Jemaa el Fna, the central square, is a hive of activity by day and night, where traders sell orange juice and barbecued street food, and street performers offer entertainment. Head into the souks for shopping and bartering opportunities—pick up anything from semi-precious gemstones to handmade leather handbags and shoes. 

Get active in the mountains 

No matter where you visit in Morocco, the mountains beckon on the horizon. Morocco's Atlas Mountains are extensive and offer numerous opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, including cycling, bird-watching, and wildlife tracking. You can try white-water rafting in the mountain rivers, or hike its many trails for spectacular views. 

Get to know Islamic culture

No trip to Morocco is complete without embracing some of its Arabic traditions and culture. You could visit ornately decorated mosques, where intricate tile work and carving makes for a beautiful setting. Or you might attend one of the many festivals throughout the country, from the rose festival in Kalaat M'Gouna to the cotton festival in Beni Mellal. 

Taste traditional cuisine 

Tuck into some traditional Moroccan food and it will have you asking for more. Traditional dining here comes in various local dishes, usually with meat and sweet ingredients like currants or sultanas. Meals can last for hours, beginning with a vegetable salad or b'stilla, followed by a hot meat tagine, a subtly-flavored stew using lamb, chicken, or fish. Couscous dishes are also popular. Afterwards, wash the meal down with a local beer or refreshing mint tea. 

What's the weather like in Morocco during spring? 

Spring in Morocco is warm, and the days are long and sunny. The nights can get a bit cooler, so pack multiple layers for when the sun goes down. There are occasional rainy days, so packing a light jacket and umbrella is a must. 

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