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With a coastline that touches the Mediterranean and North Atlantic sea, the North African country of Morocco should be on the to-do list for families looking for an offbeat vacation. Golden dunes, camel caravans in the Sahara, Atlantic coast beaches, and legendary hospitality help make great family trips in Morocco.

What makes Morocco a great destination for families?

Morocco has plenty to capture the imagination. Miles of shimmering coastline and fantastic cities reflect Berber, Spanish, French, and Arabic influences. Families have their choice of child-friendly accommodations, including traditional houses known as riads. Evaneos will connect you with English-speaking travel experts who specialize in customizing trips in Morocco for families.

Best things to do in Morocco with kids

Once-in-a-lifetime experiences await on your family trip to Morocco. In this sensory playground, choose from adventures in places like windswept coastal beaches or snow-capped peaks, or sojourns into the heart of Bedouin culture.

Market delights in Marrakesh

Most Moroccan adventures include Marrakesh's old city, or medina, lined with pretty fountains, souks (Arab bazaars), squares, and ancient mosques. Kids will love the Djemaa el Fnaa marketplace, especially after dusk when street performers, snake charmers, acrobats, and storytellers light up the night.

Uncover the Sahara Desert's mysteries

A Morocco family vacation needs a dose of sand. A guided tour into the Sahara reveals shifting dunes, ancient mud-walled fortresses, palm groves, and canyons as you drive through the Atlas Mountains. You'll have opportunities to interact with Berber families and enjoy a night in a Bedouin tent by a crackling fire.

Discover starstruck Aït Benhaddou

History and culture await in this fortified Berber hilltop village overlooking a river. This UNESCO World Heritage Site features many earthen clay houses, including those once belonging to caravan traders. It's a truly magical setting for parents and children alike!  

Frolic on the Atlantic coast

Drive down the beautiful Atlantic coast for gems like charming fishing villages and Portuguese-era ports. The peaceful seaside town of Essaouira has ramparts that your kids will enjoy exploring. Agadir will please older kids with parasailing and windsurfing, and horse and camel rides along the beaches.

Hike the Atlas

There are many ways for families to enjoy the rugged Atlas Mountains. For those with younger children, day tours on foot with local Berber guides are a smart way to experience the mix of peaks, valleys, charming villages, and olive and date trees. Older kids will enjoy longer excursions trekking with mules.

Tips for planning a family vacation in Morocco

The best times to travel to Morocco with kids are in spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November). The national train system is efficient, safe, and connects major cities throughout the country. 

A self-drive trip is also a great option, with most road signs in Arabic, French, and English. Learning basic Arabic words and phrases and dressing respectfully goes a long way. Ask your doctor about necessary vaccinations, and ensure you have sufficient travel insurance.

When to go in Morocco?

The best time to travel to Morocco is Spring or Autumn, when the temperatures are at their most pleasant. In the summer, temperatures can be stifling and winter does not show Morocco's charms so well, especially as it can rain in the North. If you handle heat well or if you go to the mountains, you can also travel between May and September.
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