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In the north of Africa and south of the Mediterranean lies a country filled with ancient, mystical cities. If you're seeking a destination with a blend of sun, history and culture, look no further than Morocco. With a fascinating culture and a remarkable landscape, there's no reason you shouldn't visit Morocco historical sites on vacation.

What makes Morocco a great destination for history lovers?

As a part of the once great Roman empire, Morocco is a history lover's dream. Its ancient cities offer an insight into the lives, activities, and religion of Moroccans. Mosaics of the Roman empire ruins still dot some parts of Morocco. The remains of ancient mosques with distinct architectural designs such as the Kutubiyya Mosque are also splendid.

The best historical sites in Morocco

If you love history and culture, Morocco has plenty to offer. With a rich ancient culture and past, expect a break from the modern world here. You will be awed by the magnificent art and heritage that dates back thousands of years. Here are some of the best Morocco historical sites.

  • Travel back in Volubilis

    An Array of beautiful ancient temples, incredible houses, and spectacular mosaics dot Volubilis. This UNESCO World Heritage Site can be traced back to the Roman empire and is one of the best historical sites in Morocco. Head over to the Triumphal Arch of Caracalla, constructed in 216 A.D. as a tribute to King Caracalla and his family.
  • Enjoy Ouarzazate

    Ouarzazate has a rich, colorful history. It was once a crossroad for European merchants. Visitors will enjoy its peculiar sandstone architecture, mostly constructed by the traditional inhabitants of this area. At the periphery of Ouarzazate lies the gateway to the Sahara Desert, M'Hamid. From here, you can hop on a camel for a desert expedition.
  • Trek to Todra Gorge

    Several natural landmarks characterize the Moroccan terrain, but few are as fascinating as the Todra Gorge. This towering 20-mile red rock canyon continues to stand the test of time. Located high in the Atlas mountain, you can access it via Tinerhir villages and through the Dades River.
  • Marvel at the Saadian Tombs

    The sight of well-preserved mummies of members and rulers of the Saadi Dynasty is a once in a lifetime experience. The skill used for preservation and how the tombs are designed are unlike anything else you'll find outside Egypt. Here you get to learn about early Moroccan rulers.
  • Explore Fes on foot

    Apart from its traditional bazaars and tanneries, Fes is an alluring location for any visitor with the breathtakingly unique architecture of its mosques. The doors to ancient Islam history are located here with the spirituality of this city serving as a testament to ancient dynasties from Arabs and Muslim Spaniards. 

Tips for planning a historical tour of Morocco

Travelers can enjoy historical sites in Morocco all-year-round thanks to its warm climate. However, March to April and September to December are the best times to visit. Desert excursions are always more pleasurable with cooler weather. The country has a robust transport system and Evaneos will be able to find you the best English-speaking guides across Morocco. With this help, your excursion to historical sites in Morocco will be a memorable one.

When to go in Morocco?

The best time to travel to Morocco is Spring or Autumn, when the temperatures are at their most pleasant. In the summer, temperatures can be stifling and winter does not show Morocco's charms so well, especially as it can rain in the North. If you handle heat well or if you go to the mountains, you can also travel between May and September.
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