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What to do in Morocco?

Salaam alaikoum! When we think of Morocco, it is the buzzing and colourful souks, filled with the scent of exotic spices that spring to mind. We conjure up images of magnificent palaces, lush gardens and white, sandy beaches that stretch far into the horizon. But there is more to Morocco; a depth that goes beyond its beauty and colour. There is its soul, a heart that beats not only in the bazaars but also across its lands, all there for you to discover as you immerse yourself in the daily lives of its people. By meeting these people and by enjoying their hospitality during your stay, you will see Morocco and its inhabitants unveil the hidden treasures that lie at the core of their culture. From its four royal cities to the misty ramparts of Essaouira, from hiking and trekking across the countryside (be it in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains or on a camel’s back in the Sahara), wonders await you, no matter what your choice of holiday may be.

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When to go in Morocco?

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Morocco is one of the most popular international destinations for travelers looking for a sense of adventure. Cultural explorers, families, couples, and even culinary enthusiasts will be well-catered for in this North African country. Beaches, hammam spas, outdoor markets, and even mountain adventures await you here.

Why should I visit Morocco in the summer?

If you’re looking for an adventure for your summertime vacation, Morocco will offer plenty of sun, warmth and new experiences. Providing you don’t mind the sweltering heat, you’ll enjoy quieter attractions, as most visitors opt to travel here in spring or fall. With longer and warmer days, there's an abundance of festivals and concerts to enjoy throughout summer in Morocco, and the streets come alive with activity as the sun goes down and temperatures begin to cool.

Best things to do in Morocco in the summer

Moroccan summers mean fun in the sun with cool ocean breezes on the coast, making the beaches along the Atlantic a refreshing getaway option. In the towns and cities, art galleries, museums, and markets offer fun in the shade. Here are some top suggestions for your Moroccan summer vacation.

Visit the gorgeous beaches

Both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea meet along Morocco’s extensive coastline, home to numerous relaxing beaches. Agadir and Tangier have many stretches of sand popular with both locals and visitors. They tend to be wide with plenty of space, and you can often try water sports.

Have a mountain adventure 

The Atlas Mountains is composed of three ranges: the Anti, Middle, and High Atlas. They're a popular option for escaping the summer heat, and people of various abilities can participate in guided trekking adventures. Many communities here offer abundant natural and cultural attractions, too. 

Explore the great Sahara desert

The Sahara is the world's largest desert, and part of it is here in Morocco. Book a guided desert excursion, where you'll navigate the best of this arid landscape and camp overnight in traditional Berber camps. You’ll sit around the fire at dusk, and when the sun finally sets, be wowed by millions of stars visible above. 

Admire exquisite architecture 

Morocco's famed architectural beauty reflects the country's cultural diversity and heritage. Majestic mosques, traditional palaces, libraries, and many other fascinating historic sites will leave you in awe. The summer sun often brings out the color and detailed construction found in these buildings, making for gorgeous photos that you'll cherish for a lifetime.

Indulge in delicious cuisine

Morocco is world-famous for its spicy cuisine, melding various flavors and colors to create piquant dishes. Typical Moroccan food is spicy and flavorful, and meat lovers will enjoy various beef, chicken, or lamb tagines. Even various forms of local bread such as baghrir, msemen, and khobz will surely leave your mouth watering.

What’s the weather like in Morocco in the summer?

July and August are some of the warmest months in Morocco. High temperatures range from 84-95°F, with cooler evenings at about 66°F. Temperatures are considerably cooler higher in the Atlas and along the breezy coast. Wear looser clothing, keep a water bottle with you at all times, and don't forget sunglasses or sunscreen to protect yourselves from UV rays.

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