Israel Travel Guide

4 reasons to travel to Israel

Are you keen to discover the Holy Land but still hesitating? Here are 4 good reasons to go soon.
  1. 1
    Form your own opinion about a complex country
  2. 2
    Discover one of the cradles of humanity.
  3. 3
    Appreciate diverse scenery
  4. 4
    Bringing together the past and the present, the East and the West.
1. Form your own opinion about a complex country
Rare are the countries that cause such a flurry of conflicting passions as Israel. In going, you will be faced with the reality that all the world talks about but few people actually know concretely. That being said, you don't have to think that you will make fully come to grips with the question during a stay of a few days. That takes time - as much as is possible - but at least, a trip there forms an initial approach and allows you to understand key factors of a complex situation.
2. Discover one of the cradles of humanity.
After the roads of Jerusalem and visiting some of the most important places from the 3 monotheist religions you aren't left indifferent. Whether you be a believer or not, the fervour which these places emit is a unique experience. The sunset over the Rocher Dome at the sound of the muezzin call to prayer, the bells of Saint Sépulcre or the faithful rush to attend the office of Minha au Mur des Lamentations are images that one can only see in Jerusalem. But the country isn't restricted to Jerusalem and it's possible to discover other places of devotion of the 3 monotheist religions across the land.
3. Appreciate diverse scenery
Israel is a country where you can pass through green mediterranean forest of Galilee to the extensive arid of the Néguev desert in a few hours. These landscapes are joined to planes along the Mediterranean sea and the hills of Jerusalem of the same as the Dead sea and the Red sea. In summary, there is a incredible variety of landscapes which are offered to travellers and that must be explored. Israel is one of the countries where there are the strongest concentrations of natural reserves of the world relative to the size of the land. It is thus possible to discover these landscapes in preserved spaces.
4. Bringing together the past and the present, the East and the West.
"A land of contrast", it's rare that a phrase could so well describe a country. Amongst the nabatean ruins from the route of incense in the Néguev desert, the Bauhaus de Tel-Aviv architectural heritage, the old town of Jerusalem, the city crosses St Jean of Acre, the world centre of Bahaï à Haïfa which are all classed under Humanity World Heritage, there are truly ravishing things for travellers with more eclectic tastes. This eclectisme is also translated into modern Israeli culture which draws its roots from across the country where its inhabitants have emigrated and they feel strongly ingrained into daily life.

When to go in Israel?

You can visit Israel at any time during the year: it all depends on the region you would like to visit. The north can experience cold winters, whereas the southern climate is almost unbearable in the summer. If you want to go walking, go in March or April. Also make sure you don't travel during a Jewish festival: the country stops and you risk becoming trapped by the celebration period.
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Prepare your trip in Israel
Here are some pieces of advice to prepare for a stress-free trip to Israel.

What documents are needed for traveling to Israel?

For a trip shorter than 3 months in Israel you don't need a visa, just a passport which is valid for 6 months or more from the day you will enter the country.

Security controls can be very strict and long when you enter Israel, so you must be patient! For Canadians, the formalities are the same as for Europeans.

For more information, you can consult the government's website.

Health advise

It's recommended that you have an up to date DPT vaccination before a trip to Israel.

In the case of an accident in Palestinian territory, it's advised to call the Palestinian Red Cross on 101.


There are two official languages in Israel: Hebrew and Arabic.

Time difference

The time difference between Israel and the UK is 2 hours, so when it is 7pm in London, it's 9pm in Israel.

Phone and internet connection

Israel's dialling code is +972.

The country's hotels and cafes generally have WiFi or an Internet connection. In the big cities there are many Internet cafes, so you won't have any problem connecting to the Internet.


The sockets are different in the UK and Israel so you will need a travel adaptor.

The British embassy in Israel

Ha-Yarkon St 192, Tel Aviv-Yafo,
6340502, Israel

The Israeli embassy in the UK

2 Palace Green,
London W8 4QB, United Kingdom

British Services and Information Office in Gaza

Telephone : +972 (8) 2641456

Israeli police: 100

Israeli fire services: 102

Israeli ambulance / Palestinian Red Cross: 101