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An update from Evaneos

What to put in your suitcase when travelling in Israel

Packing your suitcase for your visit to Israel should be done without any stress. There is no reason to overload your case as you will find anything you might forget or need at the last minute in the country itself.

Israel has a mediterranean climate. You should dress as you would at home. The clothes you should bring depend on the season and the time of year you plan to go. You will need light clothing to withstand the summer heat, and thicker garments during the winter. Throughout the year you will need clothes that cover the arms and legs in order to visit the religious sites. It is forbidden to go to the Western Wall in shorts. If you want to show off on the fashionable beaches of the Mediterranean or the Red Sea, make sure you wear your best bathing suit.

In your first aid kit you should take medication to treat everyday ailments. Again, though, don't overload your case with it as you will find many of the local pharmacies will have what you need. However, make sure you remember a good sun cream so you don't end up smearing yourself with after-sun lotion.

Make sure you don't forget your photo or video camera so you can show them what you did on your holiday and make them jealous. If you want to explore the bottom of the Red Sea you could always take a snorkel and mask, however it is advisable to rent them when you get there. Your international driving licence is necessary for you to hire a car and move around freely in the country. A bank card is particularly practical for withdrawing money or making payments on your trip, and it is definitely more prudent than walking around with large sums of cash.

To put in your case

  1. An open mind in such a religious country.
  2. Your international driving licence to rent a car.
  3. A photo or video camera to record fond memories of your trip.
  4. A bank card for withdrawing money and payments.
  5. A photocopy of all your important documents in case you lose them on your travels.
  6. A good sun screen against the sun's rays.
  7. Insect repellent for the mosquitoes in the summer.
  8. A first aid kit for everyday ailments.
  9. Snorkel, mask and diving equipment to explore the bottom of the Red Sea.
  10. A bathing suit to show off on the beach.
  11. Modest clothing to visit religious sites.
  12. Light clothing to survive in the heat.
David Debrincat
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