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An update from Evaneos

Travelling in Israel according to your budget

During your trip to Israel you may be surprised by the prices advertised. In some big cities, the prices can even be higher than in the UK. Fortunately, Israel knows how to welcome all visitors whatever their financial means are.

Quite an expensive trip

When, during your trip to Israel, the waiter in the cafe in Tel Aviv, Haifa or Jerusalem brings you the bill, you will be shocked to realise that the prices are sometimes higher than in the UK and even higher than in central London. Generally, daily products are not very cheap. Despite that, there is some good news for tourists as Israel is quite used to receiving visitors and everyone can manage to find an alternative according to their budget.

With respect to accommodation, you must know for example that there are big price differences between the high and low seasons. Be careful too if you want to go to Israel during the main Jewish celebrations because then the prices explode. Also be aware that you can often negotiate a special price by staying in the same establishment for several days. Something useful to know is that if a hotel wants to make you pay the 17% tax, don't hesitate to remind them that as a tourist you're exempt from it.

However you won't be exempt from the 12% tax in restaurants. You will always manage to eat on the go quite cheaply and in the most traditional restaurants the prices are the same as what you'd pay already in the UK.

Israeli flag

Some prices

To put a roof over your head in Israel, be aware that the prices are always higher in Tel Aviv than anywhere else in the country. This is true for all the different types of accommodation. The initial accommodation prices are generally between 50 and 250 Shk (£15 to £40) for one night in a double room for two people. For a little more comfort you'd have to choose a price between 250 and 470 Shk (£40 to £85). Beyond that you'll have access to the highest luxury that you could dream of on holiday here.

In Israel you'll be able to satisfy a little hunger for next to nothing by eating the street specialities. Eating in a restaurant will cost you at least 40 Shk (£6) for a full meal. In the more fashionable establishments, at the most beautiful tables of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, one dish can cost up to around 250 Shk (£40).

David Debrincat
326 contributions
Updated 20 November 2015
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