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Best places to visit in Israel

Israel is a land of extremes: a world of contrasts! It's a densely packed country that stirs the emotions. A region that gave birth to civilizations during ancient times, the home of Judaism, Islam and the Christian Holy Lands, a trip to Israel is a chance to visit legendary sites, whose names are so familiar.

Jerusalem - the famous 'thrice holy city'- the Mount of Olives, the Holy Sepulchre, the Wailing Wall, Lake Tiberias, Nazareth, Bethlehem, Jericho, Masada , the Dead Sea, Jordan... The list is endless! These places live on and have maintained their spiritual integrity. In these sacred lands, home to three of the most important faiths, you can visit the tombs of Christ and David, the Cave of the Nativity, as well as the Dome of the Rock, where Muhammad ascended into heaven during his Night Journey...

Paradoxically Israel is also a modern state, a relatively new country that is still developing. Tel Aviv , the 'city that never sleeps', is as liberal as Jerusalem is religious. A decadent hub of contemporary art and design, life here is good. Its buzz and endless beaches make it a perfect Mediterranean destination. To the north, between Netanya and Haifa , you'll find stretches of stunning beach that line the coast - a surfer and beach-lover's paradise...

But perhaps the most fascinating aspect of this Jewish state, is the variety of sites, landscapes and communities that share such a small territory. Strictly Orthodox neighbourhoods such as Mea Shearim in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv's trendy bars, the historic and bohemian Old Jaffa, as well as the ancient Arab cities of Nazareth or Acre : the diversity is mind-boggling. As for the scenery...from the arid lands of the Dead Sea and the Judean Desert to the rolling hills of Galilee via the lush, tropical coast of Eilat , you'll rapidly move from one landscape to another!

Nicolas Landru
Banias (Israel)
Banias nature reserve has the highest waterfall in Israel. 
Ceasarea is one of the most important archaeological sites in Israel. 
Ein Gedi is an oasis nestling on the shores of the Dead Sea.
The hills, olive trees, vineyards and stone villages make Galilee Israel's most Mediterranean region.
Jerusalem is the cradle of three great monotheistic religions and an absolute must-see during a trip to Israel. There is history and modernity on the corner of every street but don't forget to let yourself fall under the town's spell. 
The Maktesh Ramon is the largest corrosive crater in the world. It will delight lovers of exceptional landscapes and desert walking.
Masada (Israel)
Masada is the ruin of the last stronghold of the Kingdom of Israel, before it was completely destroyed by the Romans. It is a very important archaeological site which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Mitzpe Ramon is the town that overlooks the incredible crater of Makhtesh Ramon. For a few years some unusual hotels have been opening in this little town. It's a good place to stay to explore the crater.
Mount Carmel overlooks the town of Haifaand then extends into Galilee. It's a place for walking and pick-nicking. It's also the gateway to the Druze villages.
Negev (Israel)
The Negev is a desert of stone whose vastness and infinite horizons are very seductive. You will love it, whether you love walking, archaeological sites, or meeting genuine locals.
Safed (Israel)
Safed's style is pure Galilean and its narrow streets and views over the surrounding countryside are sure to please.
Sde Boker is the kibbutz where David Ben Gurion, Israel's first prime minister, is buried.
Tabgha (Israel)
Tabgha is considered to be the place where the first Christian church was built in Galilee.
Most people go to the Red Sea to explore the sea bed. But the "back country" also has some beautiful walks.
Nahal David is the busiest and most accessible valley in Ein Gedi oasis. It's as easy for families to use as for serious trekkers.
The Yad Vashem memorial is entirely dedicated to the memory of all that happened during the Holocaust. It was built on the outskirts of Jerusalem.
Dead Sea (Jordan)
Dead Sea
The only sea that is below sea level and where you can swim, even if you don't know how. You really must see it!
Acre (Israel)
An ancient crossroads and important town of the Holy Land, Acre (Akko in Hebrew) or St John d'Acre, is nowadays a charming, mostly Muslim, town in the north of Israel.
Most of Israel's population lives on the Mediterranean coast. So it's a very lively region where there are lots of things to do. 
The Sea of Galilee is a well of freshness in a country where the desert and sand reign.
According to Christian belief, the unmissable town of Bethlehem was the birthplace of Jesus Christ.
Eilat (Israel)
It's Israel's only seaside resort on the Red Sea. 
Ein Karem is an old village on the periphery of Jersualem.
Gamla (Israel)
Gamla is an archaeological site and nature reserve on the Golan Heights. Whether you are a nature lover or a lover of history, you will enjoy it. 
Judée (Israel)
The Judean Desert is a small desert not so deserted as you can find several natural reserves with numerous streams running through them.
Nazareth is known all over the world. As the City of the Annunciation in the Christian tradition, it is today one of the largest Muslim cities in Israel. 
Rosh Hanikra is a made up of limestone cliffs that plunge directly into the deep blue of the Mediterranean.
Tel Aviv is one of the most attractive and dynamic towns of the Middle East, with enormous beaches, a vibrant cultural scene and innumerable places to go out to.
A torn political zone, the Jordan Valley is a region which extends from the Dead Sea to the shores of the Sea of Galilee.
Only ruins beside the Sea of Galilee remain of this frenetic town.

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