Guatemala Travel Guide

5 reasons to travel to Guatemala

To go on a trip to Guatemala, is to embark on a unique discovery of Central America. A really authentic trip far removed from the mass tourism of neighbouring Mexico.

  1. 1
    Meeting the Garifuna
  2. 2
    Do your shopping on superb markets
  3. 3
    Sail on lake Atitlan, the most beautiful one in the world
  4. 4
    Visit Tikal, a masterpiece of Mayan culture
  5. 5
    Discover the authentic Central America
1. Meeting the Garifuna
The Garifuna are an atypical people of Guatemala and even of the whole continent. Born of the intermingling of slaves from Africa and Caribs, they are Central America's only black people. They generally live in and around Livingston.
2. Do your shopping on superb markets
The most famous of the many markets which are held in Guatemala is without doubt that of Chichicastenango. It has become more touristic over the years but is still just as superb. Every Sunday it attracts the inhabitants of the entire region. It is a real spectacle taking place before your eyes. The costumes are typical, the scenes of life authentic, not to be missed under any pretext.
3. Sail on lake Atitlan, the most beautiful one in the world
A lake surrounded by pretty villages that are very typical, with volcanoes as a backdrop, superb scenery, unique sunrises and sunsets, the decor is set. Atitlan is often considered the most beautiful lake in the world.
4. Visit Tikal, a masterpiece of Mayan culture
Hidden in the heart of Peten jungle, the Tikal site is simply sumptuous. Now you are in the most beautiful heritage, the loveliest testimony of Mayan riches. As it is much less touristic than Palenque or Chichen Itza in Mexico, you will often be alone in the jungle to discover the pyramids and other temples. Do not hesitate to climb up them in order to enjoy the exceptional view on the immense green of the jungle.  
5. Discover the authentic Central America
Going on a trip to Guatemala, is making the choice to steer clear of mass tourism and opt for a trip that is really authentic, far from the beaten tracks. Guatemala, less known than its Mexican neighbour, is just as interesting. The Mayan culture is also present here and the sites are simply grandiose.
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Why travel to Guatemala?

If you dream of discovering a Central America which is off the beaten tracks, then you mustvisit Guatemala. If you only travel with a certain level of comfort, choose another destination.

You should go if...
  • You want to discover the heart of Mayan civilisation
  • You want to see the most beautiful lake in the world
  • You want to have an authentic trip and meet a lovely, welcoming population
  • You love the beauty of a colonial town
  • You dream of climbing a volcano
  • You want to head out and meet the Garifunas, this unique people
  • You want to stroll through incredible markets

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When to go in Guatemala?

The best period to travel to Guatemala is between December and April: the temperatures are pleasant and you'll have the opportunity to celebrate Easter as it should be celebrated. The months from May to September should be avoided at all costs, as it's the rainy season and so there's mud in some spots. The storms can be fierce in October and November. And be warned: apart from in the mountains, the temperatures are often hot and the climate humid.
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