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Best places to visit in Guatemala

When you really don't know much about Guatemala, planning your itenerary in the country can be a real challenge. It can be quite difficult to make a choice among the cities and interesting places to visit. But don't worry, we'll help you. A team of travelers, passionate about Guatemala, shares advice and tips with you on the stops you can make during your trip to Guatemala. So you'll have all the pieces you need to best plan your visit.

Guatemala City is the capital: its historic city centre has a few buildings and museums that allow for an interesting view on the Maya civilisation. It's possible to take many excursions departing from this city that is surrounded by several volcanoes. For its part, Antigua has been designated as a Humanity World Heritage for good reason: the ancient capital is full of places with a prestigious past. Climbing Pacaya Volcano is one of the possible hikes.

Take advantage of a Thursday or Sunday to go to the Chichicastenango market. Although it's very touristy, it's a unique place where you can see all the local crafts. A little farther out, Lake Atitlán is a relaxing place. Beautiful hikes around the lake allow you to discover the villages and the surrounding areas.

In the north, Florès is a beautiful place to explore the Péten jungle and the archaeological riches of the Maya civilisation. Tikal is the the most impressive Mayan site and should not be missed under any circumstance.

On the Atlantic Coast, Livingston, a Garifuna village, will add a Caribbean touch to your trip. Go back up the Rio Dulce to Lake Izabal where you can observe the wildlife.

On the other hand, Puerto Quetzal is the largest port on the Pacific Coast. Many water-related activities are possible on the surrounding beaches.

Cathy Trichet
Just 45km from the capital Guatemala City and about 1 hour by bus, Antigua is often described as the most beautiful city in Central America.
At 3,837m high, La Torre is the highest non-volcanic peak in Guatemala.
Petexbatun Lake is a lagoon formed by water from the Pasion River and lined with mangrove swamps, in the tropical region of Peten in North Guatemala.
Payaca (Guatemala)
A 1 hour drive from Antigua, the Pacaya volcano is still active. It takes 2 hours to climb it.
The village may look similar to all the others in the region, but the San Francisco el Alto weekly market certainly helps it to stand out. It's one of a kind!
A diabolical journey with Heaven on Earth waiting at the end.
Tikal (Guatemala)
Guatemala's most important archaeological site.
Todos Santos Cuchumatán is one of these villages in the Guatemalan plateau which have decided to preserve all their traditions and still have a fascinating cultural richness today.
It's one of the most beautiful parts of Guatemala.
Yaxha (Guatemala)
Tikal's once powerful sister city, Yaxhá is one of the most wild and best preserved sites in the tropical Petén region.
By taking a beautiful trip on the calm waters of the Pasión River, you can reach this Mayan site which sits atop a cliff. It's an interesting visit and is off the beaten track.
Situated on the edge of Cobán, in the damp, misty Alata Verapaz region, Chicoj is a coffee-producing cooperative open to the public, and belongs to the Q’eqchi community.
At 40km from Panajachel, it takes 1hr 30min to get to Chichicastenango by Chicken Bus. If you want to explore one of the country's most vibrant markets, make sure you're there on a Thursday or Sunday.
A stronghold of the Mayan community resistance and a very beautiful region unknown to tourists.
A hot department and a mix of interesting places which are very unknown to foreign tourists.
A small, peaceful lakeside village on the road to Tikal.
Flores (Guatemala)
Situated on an island in Petén Itzá, Flores is a superb, little town. At 1hr from Tikal, it's the perfect base from which to explore these famous Mayan temples.
Must-see volcanic open-air thermal baths near Xela.
A beautiful, must-see lake on the road to Tikal and archaeological sites in Peten.
4 hours by bus from the capital Guatemala City, volcano-bordered Lake Atitlán is considered to be one of the most beautiful lakes in the world.
A town set apart, in the heart of garifuna culture.
Nebaj (Guatemala)
Nebaj is a big village in the Ixil region; it's definitely the best known village because of its Spanish teaching school.
2 hours and 30 minutes from Antigua by bus, Panajachel is the main town on the banks of Lake Atitlán.
Peten (Guatemala)
Travelling from Tikal, through Naachtun, to Mirador: a region rich in Mayan ruins.
The most captivating town in Guatemala, "my" town.
Being one of the country's biggest rivers, it played a key role in the development of the Mayan civilisation and is currently a magnificent nature reserve.
One of the must-see villages when you visit Lake Atitlan.
One of the great forgotten places of archaeological tourism in Guatemala
At the heart of evangelical fanaticism.
Chajul (Guatemala)
Chajul is an isolated village, nestled in the mountain, close to Santa Cruz del Quiche, in Ixil country.

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