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Canada Travel Guide

Best time to visit Canada

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5 reasons to travel to Canada

Why go to Canada? What are the reasons that could encourage you to go to explore this "country continent" which is almost unique in the world? For a family holiday or for an adventure alone, here are 5 reasons that make Canada a dream destination!

  1. Quebec, a small part of France
  2. Meet Inuits
  3. Mythical national parks
  4. Discover history
  5. The country of extremes

Culture and Discovery

Quebec, naturally!

Quebec, naturally!

If you are taking off for Canada, and especially for Quebec, we can help you plan so you can travel eco-responsibly! Because Quebec has its own eco-tourism label: Aventure Écotourisme Québec. You can trust them... but still keep your eyes open!
Laetitia Santos20 July 2015
Travel story
Niagara Falls: a North American wonder!

Niagara Falls: a North American wonder!

Let me introduce you to the world's most famous waterfalls: the Niagara Falls! Divided between Canada and the States, they're the region's No1 attraction and a highlight during a trip to North America.
Cedric Tinteroff20 July 2015
Travel story

Is this the destination for you?

Travelling to Canada is not as difficult in terms of access as it was before. The country of open spaces, French speakers, and nature has become very accessible and only awaits one more thing: your visit!

You should go if

  • Perhaps you love untouched open spaces, you appreciate walks in nature and you have always dreamed of being able to walk alone for hours.
  • Or perhaps you appreciate being able to practise some French on your holidays and you love the typical accent of people from Quebec (which should never be mocked).
  • Unexpected culinary experiences will attract you: poutine and beaver tail in Quebec, bison, red grouse or even caribou, all excellent on the barbecue.
  • Long road trips over several thousand kilometres will make you dream, from one ocean to another and across landscapes which are as beautiful as they are varied.
  • You want to experience the beauty of the Northern Lights, the pleasure of bathing in a natural hot water spring when the outside temperature is below zero.
  • You want to discover different urban areas to those in your country, with Montreal the multi-cultural city, Vancouver the American one, or even Quebec the European one!

You shouldn't go if

  • You don't like the cold, the temperatures easily falling to -30° in winter, and you're terrified by the idea of walking on frozen pavements that look like ice rinks.
  • You like to hear people speaking French, a different kind to what you may have learned at school, and you can practise with them even if the accent is not the same.
  • You're scared of anything that looks more or less like a wild animal: bears, elks, caribou, beaver. The same goes for mosquitoes, snakes and other "unidentified creatures".
  • You can't stand that the journey time to go from one place to another can be long. Or even very long, especially to go from Vancouver from Montreal by car!
  • You don't like paying taxes, tips, entrance to national parks and you think that everything should be free, all the time, everywhere.
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