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Tadoussac (Canada)

Practical information on Tadoussac

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4 / 5 - 3 reviews
How to get there
Four hours from Quebec by car
When to go
From June to October
Minimum stay
1 to 2 days

Reviews of Tadoussac

Mylène Wei Seasoned Traveller
20 written opinions

Tadoussac, a village of just 850 inhabitants is transformed into a tourist attraction during whale-watching season.

My suggestion:
To prevent engine noise from disturbing the whales during a whale-watching trip, choose a way to watch whales that is more respectful of these marine mammals by travelling by sea-going canoe: an unparalleled experience during my trip to Canada.
My review

A short stop in the village of Tadoussac during the road trip with a friend to see the famous whales - what else? We slept in a really nice hostel that was absolutely ideal for meeting young travellers and getting advice for the rest of the trip 

We went for walks along the beach as far as Pointe-Rouge, where (if you're patient enough) you can watch whales. Just pay close attention to the time of the tides!

We chose to go kayaking in the sea in Bergeronnes, a village that doesn't attract as many visitors as Tadoussac, just ten minutes away by car. It was an extraordinary experience, because a fin whale surfaced around 6 metres from our boat, just as the guide was explaining that we couldn't get within 200 metres for safety reasons! The guides are really nice and it's an original experience that remains in the memory. 

Cedric Tinteroff Seasoned Traveller
44 written opinions

Tadoussac, a small village located on the banks of the Saint Laurence River in Quebec, is famous around the world for its whales!

My suggestion:
To make the most of your encounter with the Saint Laurence River whales, why not visit Tadoussac out of season and go in September or October instead? The whales are just as active at that time of year, but it doesn't get as crowded with people!
My review

On my first trip to Canada, in 2007, I decided to stop in Tadoussac to realise a childhood dream: encounter whales in real life!

There's a very wide range of different whale-watching trips available to go on once you're in Tadoussac, so don't be reluctant to ask the advice of a local travel agent to find out which is best for you. I personally chose to head out to encounter the whales in a Zodiac inflatable boat. Being aboard a small craft offered the guarantee of being able to get sufficiently close up (and without causing any disturbance to the animals).

As for my accommodation in Tadoussac, I'd chosen to stay at the cheap and comfortable youth hostel. Here again, there's a wide range of options available, so be sure to make enquiries before you go (with a local travel agent for example), as not all the accommodation in Tadoussac offers good value for money!

The Port of Tadoussac
Nina Montagné Seasoned Traveller
153 written opinions

An essential stage for whale-watchers on a tour of the Gaspésie Peninsula!

My suggestion:
Don't miss the colourful youth hostel in Tadoussac, with its festive evenings around the fire! 
My review

We always end up in Tadoussac after a long car journey on the Gaspésie Peninsula. The village is unique in Canada and is the centre for whale watching.

The boats can get really close to these huge marine mammals - it's just amazing! You can also observe other animals, such as seals, sea lions and sperm whales.

The Tadoussac youth hostel is a great place to stay when you're touring Canada. It's managed by a team from Quebec and young people from all over the world. There's a really friendly, party atmosphere. You can even stay for free if you help with the chores.

Tadoussac Beach
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