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Best places to visit in Canada

Canada has 10 provinces and three territories, spread over a huge area. Indeed, it's the second largest country in the world after Russia. Canada, is also about water, lots of water, the country has approximately 60% of the world's lakes... You will understand that Canada has a lot to offer and it might be difficult to make a choice. Follow the advice of seasoned Evaneos travellers to make it clearer!

In the East, its capital, Ottawa, has a financial centre to rival American towns and lies between Montreal and Niagara Falls. In this region, Quebeckerswill welcome you with their warm accent helping you to discover the wonderful secrets that Canada's incredible natural environment contains. You will venture to Tadoussac or Gaspé to hope to see the rulers of the sea: whales and killer whales are found in the region during part of the year.

Then going westward: if you are a ski lover, the Whistler ski pistes are renowned for being the most expensive in the world, due to their proximity to the sea. But the region's must-see is Vancouver, one of the world's cities with the best quality of life. This place has a pleasant climate, clear Asian influences, and the nearby Victoria Island offers you sublime local wildlife.

Closer to the centre of the country, near Calgary, the Banff National Park with its incredibly blue lake is a paradise for lovers of peace and large spaces, who will without doubt find happiness throughout this country.

Marie Foucaut
Situated in New Brunswick, the Bay of Fundy is 270km long and known for its cliffs and weather-beaten rocks.
Banff (Canada)
Deep in the heart of the National Park with which it shares its name, and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Banff is a mountain resort located 128 km from Calgary. It's a picture-postcard city, with a main street that is dominated by the impressive Cascade Mountain.
The Eastern Townships are a tourist region located in Quebec to the south-west of Montreal.
The Inside Passage is a coastal route for oceangoing vessels that connects British Columbia with Alaska while offering absolutely beautiful landscapes. It's also a paradise for canoeists and kayakers!
This pearl on the lower Saint Lawrence River is characterised by its colourful villages which appear one after the other along your route and are an absolute delight for visitors. 
The Laurentians region, located in Quebec, is a 22,000 km² territory famous throughout the world for the variety and beauty of its lake and mountain scenery.
Le Bic (Canada)
Le Bic
In the extreme east of Canada, the Bic National Park is the perfect place to recharge your batteries in the lower reaches of the river. This little corner of paradise is home to a well-conserved flora and fauna on the banks of the majestic Saint Lawrence River.  
If you are staying in Mauricie you will see lots of picturesque natural scenery around you. The beautiful setting is aided by the friendly locals. 
Gaspésie National Park is a breath of fresh air located between the sea and the mountains.     
Perce (Canada)
The small city of Percé, famous for the rock of the same name, at the extreme point of the Gaspé Peninsula, is located on the shore of the Gulf of St Lawrence... you're forgiven for thinking it was the sea!
This glacier is on Mount Stanley in the Banff National Park. An easy hike will get you there.
Trois-Pistoles is a charming small town in Bas-Saint-Laurent on the banks of the Saint Laurent river.
Montreal (Canada)
Montreal is Quebec's largest city.
Niagara Falls' powerful torrents of water make up the largest waterfall in the world. A spectacle that is magnificent in Summer and in Winter, when the the cold freezes the water mist into unusual shapes
Québec (Canada)
Quebec City, whose old town area is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is considered to be the most French city in the whole of America.
Tadoussac (Canada)
An essential stage for whale-watchers on a tour of the Gaspésie Peninsula!
Vancouver (Canada)
Vancouver is a town in west Canada which is often acknowledged to have a great quality of life. Near to the sea, the mountains and the USA, it has lots of attractions.
Victoria (Canada)
Victoria is the provincial capital of British Columbia in Canada, and is situated on the southern tip of Vancouver Island.
Charlevoix originated with a meteorite strike and is a region where the landscape ranges from sea to mountains… Come and get a big slice of nature!
Gaspé (Canada)
The capital of the Gaspé Peninsula, known as the birthplace of Canada, is a great place to spend some time when you're touring the area. 
The Ile d'Orléans is 'Félix Leclerc Island', as it was here that the famous Canadian composer lived until his death over 20 years ago.
Lake Saint-Jean is surprisingly large. When you see it for yourself, it's hard to believe it really is just a lake. Exploring the villages around its circumference takes you on an enjoyable adventure on which you get to meet new people, see new places, and explore wonderful natural scenery.  
Bonaventure Island National Park is a beautiful chance to go to observe the northern gannets from close up, these fabulous migratory birds have chosen the island as a stop off point.
On the south bank of the Saint Laurent estuary, Gaspésie (Forillon) National Park is wild, peaceful and genuine.
Sainte-Rose-du-Nord is a picturesque and warmly welcoming pearl of a village located on the banks of Saguenay Fjord. 
Baie Saint Paul is in a forested area of Charlevoix, half-way between Quebec and Tadoussac, and attractive to everyone who loves the wide open spaces of nature !
Ottawa (Canada)
Ottawa is the seat of Canada's government institutions and the country's national capital.
Toronto (Canada)
Toronto, the biggest city in Canada, is very cosmopolitan and coloured by its inhabitants' different origins, which gives it a unique charm! 
Bic  (Canada)
Bic National Park is located in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region, before Rimouski and the entry to the Gaspesie Peninsula.
The capital of New Brunswick, Fredericton, is a provincial Canadian town and a great base from which to visit the area.

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