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Québec (Canada)

Practical information on Québec

4 / 5 - 3 reviews

Reviews of Québec

Mylène Wei Seasoned Traveller
20 written opinions

The capital of the province of Quebec, and a historic city listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

My suggestion:
Don't limit yourself just to the city of Quebec; spend some time visiting places in the surrounding area too, such as Île d'Orléans, Lévis and the nearby Montmorency falls!
My review

Quebec is a very attractive fortified city overlooking the Saint Laurence River. I recommend exploring Quebec on foot, beginning in the Lower Town district then working your way up to Upper Town, Château Frontenac and the Citadelle.

Quebec was the first stop on the road trip we went on together with a female friend. When we were arriving on the ferry from the Lévis, we got to enjoy views of the City of Quebec from a superb angle.

If you're a food lover, you really should pay a visit to Chocolats Favoris in Lévis; their ice-cream is excellent! The Montmorency Falls Park site is free to visit and can be reached by bus. The falls themselves are 83 metres tall, which makes them higher than Niagara! We decided to go up the stairs leading up the rock face at the side so that we could get a good look at the falls and enjoy breathtaking views over the island of Île d'Orléans, which lies opposite.

On Île d'Orléans there are maple syrup and cider works that open to visitors, giving you the chance to sample some exquisite local products; I thought the maple butter and ice cider were the best things I tasted during my trip to Quebec.

Montmorency Falls
Aude Michelet Seasoned Traveller
32 written opinions

Quebec City, whose old town area is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is considered to be the most French city in the whole of America.

My suggestion:
Take advantage of Quebec's location and visit and explore the surrounding area, especially Montmorency Falls.
My review

When in Quebec, a really magical thing to do is spend time strolling around its history-laden streets. It seems strange encountering architecture of this kind after the huge scale of the buildings in other North American cities. Once you reach Château Frontenac, I find it enjoyable to stop for a break and admire the views over the Saint Laurence River.

I chose to visit Quebec in February when the carnival was taking place. I have no regrets in doing this as it's a unique event. During the day, the main festival takes place at the city's Plains of Abraham park. You can snow tube there (slide down a snow course on a rubber ring), admire ice sculptures, and in-between enjoy a dip in an outdoor jacuzzi (as long as you've remembered to bring your swimming costume!). In the evening, parades take place throughout the city's streets.

I think one or two days is enough to enable you to explore the city; you can then spend the rest of the time visiting the surrounding area before continuing your tour of Canada!

Quebec City
Cedric Tinteroff Seasoned Traveller
62 written opinions

The most European of Canada's cities, Quebec is a charming place where history seems to be present on every street corner. It is also the ideal base from which to explore the province that shares its name.

My suggestion:
The city of Quebec is very different from the rest of its North American counterparts. So make the most of this during your stay by exploring the Old Town district, visiting the exceptional Château Frontenac, and enjoying the festivals.
My review

When I was touring across Canada, I chose to visit and explore the city of Quebec in the middle of winter, when the Christmas celebrations were taking place.

I really loved the atmosphere of the city at that time of year – peaceful and covered in snow – and I adored exploring the Old Town district in the evenings, visiting the "Plains of Abraham" (a historic site!) and eating taffy in a "cabane à sucre" (sugar shack).

In summer, be sure to visit the superb Montmorency Falls, which are located quite close to the city and offer an impressive and breathtakingly high spectacle.

Finally, and if you happen to speak French, the city of Quebec is staunchly proud of its French speaking tradition and its past history, in which France played a very significant role. So feel free to use your French, and don't worry: you'll be understood everywhere (though Quebec French may have some interesting linguistic surprises in store for you!).

Château Frontenac