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Thailand Travel Guide

6 reasons to travel to Thailand

Thailand is without a doubt the most popular destination for those looking to experience Asia for the first time. The country is easy to tour around and provides a very nice introduction to this so fascinating continent.

  • 1.
    Meet the ethnic groups of the northern mountains
  • 2.
    Sunbathe on heavenly beaches
  • 3.
    Meet some of the most adorable people you can imagine
  • 4.
    Experiencing Southeast Asia for the first time
  • 5.
    Sample the famous cuisine
  • 6.
    Explore an Asian megalopolis

Travel ideas

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Places of interest

Is this the destination for you?

A trip to Thahiland is ideal for first-time travellers to Asia, but less so for experienced travelers who might find the destination over-saturated with tourism.

You should go if

  • You want to meet the continent's most delightful and engaging people
  • You'd like to meet the indigenous people of the northern mountains
  • You enjoy the bittersweet taste of the world-famous, sophisticated cuisine
  • You want to get a suntan in a beach paradise
  • You're organizing your first trip to South East Asia
  • You enjoy traveling in a safe, secure environment with a good standard of comfort
  • You're looking for a destination where the prices are low
  • You dream of discovering Bangkok, the craziest of all of Asia's vast urban areas

You shouldn't go if

  • You don't like crowds
  • You think the destination is too touristy
  • You don't have at least three weeks to spend exploring
  • You think there's something perverse about going to see the giraffe-women in the refugee camps on the Burmese border

Culture and Discovery

The magic of Pha Taem, north of Khong Chiam

The Khong Chiam region is still largely unaffected by tourism and, for those willing to explore it, offers spectacular scenery and the promise of peaceful days spent well...
Sébastien Cuzol6 March 2018
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Khao Yai or the paradise of species

To set the scene for you, imagine 2,188 km² covered by 80% forest and populated with more than 800 animal species roaming completely free. Add streams, waterfalls and a m...
Sébastien Cuzol10 November 2015
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Bangkok, a continental megalopolis

Come and completely immerse yourself in the gigantic megalopolis which is Bangkok.
David Debrincat21 March 2016
Travel story

The northern mountains, a paradise for trekkers

In this article you will find good ideas for trekking in the mountains of northern Thailand.
David Debrincat10 November 2015
Travel story

Ko Tarutao, a lost paradise

In this article you'll find a description of Ko Tarutao, one of Thailand's many hidden paradises, often overlooked by mainstream tourism.
David Debrincat10 November 2015
Travel story

Bangkok, the capital of a continent

In this article you will find a description of Bangkok, the gigantic capital of the country and even of the continent.
David Debrincat10 November 2015
Travel story
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