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An update from Evaneos

The most important vocabulary to know during your trip in Thailand

Unless you are really good at learning foreign languages, you will only succeed in remembering basic phrases in Thai during your trip to Thailand. Otherwise, the only alternative is English.

Thai is the official language

With 44 consonants, 11 vowels and 4 intonation signs, Thai possesses an alphabet that is very different from ours. It is not easy to learn a language that has no point in common with one that we would know like a Latin language.

Thai is of Chinese influence with a mixture of Khmer, Pali and Sanskrit. Probably something you will not be able to master.

At least try to learn polite, basic phrases such as "Hello", Thank you" and "Goodbye". Learning to count can also be helpful. Thai people will be delighted to hear a foreigner making the effort to speak their language.

Pronunciation Tips

Simply put, if you try to speak Thai, you must respect that certain pronunciation rules are very different from your mother tongue.

Firstly, you must roll the 'r' in Thai. The 'ai' is pronounced 'ail' and the letter 'u' is pronounced 'ou'. 'Ph' is simply said as 'p', the 'h' is silent. It is the same when it is placed after the letter 'k' or the letter 't'.

The real difficulty in Thai is to use the right tone. There are 5 different tones (neutral, bass, falling, high and rising). Two words with the same spelling do not mean the same thing depending on the tone used. For example, when we say "green wood does not burn, does it?" Response: "Mai, mai mai mai mai" A fun exercise. At the same time, you will certainly not have the opportunity to ask this question.

Discover Thailand

Use English

You will have understood, that it is complicated to speak exclusively in Thai during a trip to Thailand. To hold a conversation you have no other choice than to speak English. The language of Shakespeare is spoken in all the major cities, the tourist sites and generally by all those who have contact with tourists.

If you speak English badly, brush up on the language before you go and take a small phrase book.

Basic expressions / Common Words

Good morning / Good eveningSawat di khrapGoede dag / goede avondSawat di khrap
How are you?Sabai ïdi ru ?Hoe gaat het?Sabai ïdi ru ?
Fine, thank you, and you?Sabaïdi khrapGoed, bedankt en met u?Sabaïdi khrap
I understand / I don't understandKhâo jai / Mâi khâo jaiIk begrijp het / ik begrijp het nietKhâo jai / Mâi khâo jai
SorryKho thotSorryKho thot
GoodbyeSawat di khrapTot ziensSawat di khrap
WelcomeThi mo somWelkomThi mo som
Thank you (very much)Kop khun khrapHartelijk bedanktKop khun khrap
Excuse meKhaw à phai / Kà rú naaExcuseer mijKhaw à phai / Kà rú naa
My name is...Phom chêuMij naam isPhom chêu
No thank youMay tchaï kop khun khrapNee, dank uMay tchaï kop khun khrap
Yes / NoTchaï May tchaïJa / NeeTchaï May tchaï
You're welcomeMâi pen rai / Yin-diiGraag gedaanMâi pen rai / Yin-dii


How much is it?Rakha thao-raïHoeveel kost het?Rakha thao-raï
It is very cheapRaa-khaa thuukHet is heel goedkoopRaa-khaa thuuk
It is too expensive!Phaeng koen pai !Het is te duur!Phaeng koen pai !
Can you lower the price?Lót raa-khaa nawy dâi mai ?Kunt u de prijs verlagen?Lót raa-khaa nawy dâi mai ?
I would like to buy ... this one!Yaak ja séuIk zou graag deze willen kopen!Yaak ja séu
I like it / I don't like itChâwp / Mâi châwpIk vind het leuk / vind ik niet leukChâwp / Mâi châwp
I'm just looking around.Duu choe choeIk kijk gewoon rondDuu choe choe


I would like to go to ...Yàak jà paiIk zou graag gaan naar...Yàak jà pai
PlaneKhrêuang binVliegtuigKhrêuang bin
TrainRót faiTreinRót fai
BusRót mehBusRót meh
I would like to rent ...Phom di-chan yàak châoIk graag een ... hurenPhom di-chan yàak châo
MotorbikeRót maw-toe-saiMotorRót maw-toe-sai
CarRót yonAutoRót yon
BikeRót jàk-kà-yaanFietsRót jàk-kà-yaan


Where is ...? / How can I get to ...?Yuu thîi nai ?Waar is...? / Hoe kom ik bij...?Yuu thîi nai ?
Train stationSathani rot faïTrein stationSathani rot faï
CentreJai klaang meuangCentrumJai klaang meuang
HotelRong raemHotelRong raem
HospitalRong phá-yaa-baanZiekenhuisRong phá-yaa-baan
Is it close / far?Klâi / Klai ?Is het dichtbij / ver weg?Klâi / Klai ?
Straight aheadTrong paiRechtdoorTrong pai
Left / RightSaï / KwaLinks / rechtsSaï / Kwa
North / South / East / WestNua / Tai / õk / Ta-wan-tokNoord / Zuid / Oost / WestNua / Tai / õk / Ta-wan-tok

Numberssieben, acht, neun, zehn

one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, tenNeung, song, sam, si, ha, hok, tjet, pèt, kao, sipeen, twee, drie, vier, vijf, zes, zeven, acht, negen, tienNeung, song, sam, si, ha, hok, tjet, pèt, kao, sip
twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixtyYi sipp, sam sipp, si sipp, ha sipp, hok sipptwintig, dertig, veertig, vijftig, zestigYi sipp, sam sipp, si sipp, ha sipp, hok sipp
seventy, eighty, ninetyTjet sipp, pèt sipp, kao sippzeventig, tachtig, negentigTjet sipp, pèt sipp, kao sipp
One hundredRoïHonderdRoï

Hours/Dates and daysDienstag, Mittwoch, Donnerstag, Freitag, Samstag, Sonntag

What time is it?Kii mohng láew ?Hoe laat is het?Kii mohng láew ?
When?Mua raï ?Wanneer?Mua raï ?
YesterdayMûea wann niiGisterenMûea wann nii
Today (morning/midday/evening)Wan nii (tonn tchao / thiang / tonn kam)Vandaag (morgen / middag / avond)Wan nii (tonn tchao / thiang / tonn kam)
TomorrowPhrûng niiMorgenPhrûng nii
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, SundayWan jan, wan ang-khaan, wan phút, wan phá-réu-hàt, wan suk, wan sao, wan aa-thítMaandag, dinsdag, woensdag, donderdag, vrijdag, zaterdag, zondagWan jan, wan ang-khaan, wan phút, wan phá-réu-hàt, wan suk, wan sao, wan aa-thít
I am here on vacationPhom wan yut / kan den thagnIk ben hier op vakantiePhom wan yut / kan den thagn
I am here for businessPhom thou ra / den thagn pai thou rakitIk ben hier op zakenreisPhom thou ra / den thagn pai thou rakit

Time to eat!

I am hungry / I am thirstyHiou / Hiou namIk heb honger / ik heb dorstHiou / Hiou nam
EnjoyKhõ hai djaGeniet ervanKhõ hai dja
Cheers!Ne se traduit pasProost!Ne se traduit pas
It was deliciousA rõiHet was heerlijkA rõi
What can you recommend?Mi araïïaroïbâang ?Wat beveelt u aan?Mi araïïaroïbâang ?
I am vegeterianKhon kin djeIk ben vegetarischKhon kin dje
Not spicy please (I don't like spices)Ao maï phèt !Niet pittig alsjeblieft (ik hou niet van kruiden)Ao maï phèt !
It's too hotRon !Het is te warmRon !
I am allergicPhom pháeIk ben allergischPhom pháe
Sea foodHoi tha léVis en schaaldierenHoi tha lé
PeanutsThua lí songPinda'sThua lí song
I would like...Yàak jàIk wil graag...Yàak jà
Tee / CoffeeNam chaa / kaafèThee / KoffieNam chaa / kaafè
Beer / WineBia / waiBier / wijnBia / wai
The bill, pleaseKep tagn, douéiDe rekening, a.u.b.Kep tagn, douéi

Health / Emergency / Security

I need to see a doctor.Tâwng kaan mawIk moet een dokter zienTâwng kaan maw
Call an ambulance / Call 911Rîak maw nàwyBell een ambulance / bell 911Rîak maw nàwy
Where is the hospital?Rong phayaabaan thi naï ?Waar is het ziekenhuis?Rong phayaabaan thi naï ?
I do not feel very goodChan puayIk voel me niet goedChan puay
It hurts hereJèp trong néeHier doet het pijnJèp trong née
Where can I find the restrooms?Hâwng sûam thi naï ?Waar kan ik de toiletten vinden?Hâwng sûam thi naï ?
Help!Chûay dûay !Help!Chûay dûay !
DangerAnta raiGevaarAnta rai
I'm lostChan long thaangIk ben verdwaaldChan long thaang


Have a nice day !Sawat di khrapFijne dag!Sawat di khrap
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