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An update from Evaneos

What kind of prices can you expect when traveling in Thailand?

With its idyllic beaches, its more than pleasant climate, and the low (and sometimes, extremely low) prices, Thailand is attracting increasing numbers of tourists each year.

Always very good value

In Thailand, prices are generally very good value compared to those in Europe, for example. The country's hunger for economic development means that there is a wide range of options for tourists to consider. There is something for every budget, from backpackers' hostels to fully equipped five star hotels. Once you've gotten used to the exchange rates for the US dollar and the Thai baht, the official currencies, you'll be in a position to make the most of this wonderful country.

Pay attention to seasonal changes that can make a big difference to your journey to Thailand. The summer and Christmas periods (in the European calendar) are the most expensive times to travel to Thailand, due to increased demand from tourists. Nonetheless, prices remain highly affordable.

Increasingly widespread scams

Tourists' enthusiasm for Thailand makes them vulnerable to scams. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the number of scams at tourist hot spots and on public transport is increasing as a result. It is quite common for vendors to offer outrageous prices to some tourists, who aren't really paying attention, safe in their belief that everything is cheap. That said, it is customary to charge an additional tourist tax.

However, on the other hand, as the majority of products are very cheap compared to European prices, there's no point in negotiating every last cent - which is nothing to us - even though they are the main source of income for very many locals. 

Thailand therefore offers a number of different travel styles: simple, family, or luxury - for those who understand how to get the best out of the country.

An idyllic beach in Thailand

Sample pricing

A return flight to Bangkok from Paris costs around €600. On December 15th, 2014, the exchange rate was 40.92 THB (Thai baht) to the euro.

In terms of accommodation, the prices are very low overall: 200 THB (5 euro) per night to stay with a local in his or her own property, and around 1200 THB (30 euro) for a standard hotel. However, as tourism is a high growth industry, those prices could rise rapidly in future!

In terms of food, it's much the same story and you can get by on 200 THB (5 euro) per day if you are happy to eat local food from street vendors, and around twice as much for normal restaurants. For specific examples, don't hesitate to visit my blog which should give an overview of all the restaurants and hotels that I've tried, starting in March 2015.

In conclusion, Thailand has something to suit all budgets, but take time to prepare properly.

Marie Foucaut
44 contributions