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6 reasons to travel to Portugal

Taking a trip to Portugal means having the possibility to enjoy the sun without travelling too far or experiencing too great a culture shock. But that's not the whole story; here are 6 reasons to travel to Portugal.

  1. 1
    Discover a country with a rich cultural heritage
  2. 2
    Attend a bullfight where there's no bloodshed
  3. 3
    Meet a welcoming people
  4. 4
    Enjoy a sun-soaked coast
  5. 5
    Listen to a real Fado
  6. 6
    Try the delicious cuisine
1. Discover a country with a rich cultural heritage
Visiting Portugal means discovering a country with a unique heritage. Don't miss out on a trip to Porto or Lisbon, two history-filled cities. And it doesn't stop with those two visits; Portugal as a whole is superb!
2. Attend a bullfight where there's no bloodshed
If you're only familiar with classic bullfighting, as in Spain or the South of France, and if the idea of bloodshed has always put you off, make the most of your stay in Portugal to go and see a tourada. The spectacle is just as impressive, and the bulls in the arena aren't killed.
3. Meet a welcoming people
The stories are true: the Portuguese are incredibly friendly. They're very open to chatting, and you'll have no difficulty finding someone who speaks English. Which is very handy when you don't speak a word of Portuguese but still want to meet people!
4. Enjoy a sun-soaked coast
The charms of 800 km of Atlantic coastline are impossible to resist. You won't resist yielding to the appeal of one of the many beautiful Portuguese beaches. Hot in summer and mild throughout the rest of the year, the climate is ideal. But take care, as the water can be cold all the same!
5. Listen to a real Fado
Stroll around the alleys of the Alfama quarter of Lisbon at random. Walk into a small bar, seat yourself at the counter with the Portuguese locals and simply enjoy the melancholy sound of an authentic fado.
6. Try the delicious cuisine
During your trip to Portugal, you'll have the chance to indulge your foodie side. Let's drop the clichés: you'll eat more than just cod (although you've absolutely got to try it), as the country offers many diverse and delicious specialities. Portugal also produces very good wines. As for port wine, it's practically attained the status of a global legend.
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Why travel to Portugal?

Just a few days to spare? Fancy a change of air without going too far from home? On the contrary, do you need a complete change of scenery at the other end of the planet? Here's our latest advice to decide if a trip to Portugal is for you or not.

You should go if...
  • You want sunshine not too far from home
  • You want to awaken your gourmet side
  • You imagine yourself listening to a real fado, with a glass of port in your hand
  • You love to meet friendly people
  • You find bullfights too cruel, but you can enjoy a bullfight without death at the end
  • You dream of riding in a yellow funicular tram in Lisbon

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When to go in Portugal?

The climate in Portugal is temperate and very comfortable. So there's no ideal time of year for a trip to Portugal: temperatures are favourable all year round. All the same, it's more pleasant to travel there in Spring or Autumn. In truth, winter can be cold inland, and summer is very hot almost everywhere. To make the most of this temperate country, then, we advise you travel in mid-season. The Algarve region, the furthest South in the country, can definitely be visited all year round. It offers splendid beaches, and temperatures never fall below 10 degrees!
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