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Portugal Travel Guide

6 reasons to travel to Portugal

Taking a trip to Portugal means having the possibility to enjoy the sun without travelling too far or experiencing too great a culture shock. But that's not the whole story; here are 6 reasons to travel to Portugal.

  • 1.
    Discover a country with a rich cultural heritage
  • 2.
    Attend a bullfight where there's no bloodshed
  • 3.
    Meet a welcoming people
  • 4.
    Enjoy a sun-soaked coast
  • 5.
    Listen to a real Fado
  • 6.
    Try the delicious cuisine

Travel ideas

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Is this the destination for you?

Just a few days to spare? Fancy a change of air without going too far from home? On the contrary, do you need a complete change of scenery at the other end of the planet? Here's our latest advice to decide if a trip to Portugal is for you or not.

You should go if

  • You want sunshine not too far from home
  • You want to awaken your gourmet side
  • You imagine yourself listening to a real fado, with a glass of port in your hand
  • You love to meet friendly people
  • You find bullfights too cruel, but you can enjoy a bullfight without death at the end
  • You dream of riding in a yellow funicular tram in Lisbon

You shouldn't go if

  • You like a total change of scenery
  • You love light cuisine
  • You're too depressed to hope of holding out for more than 2 fados in a row
  • You have no interest in historic sites
  • You believe that Ronaldo plays for Madrid because Lisbon is only good for retirees and there's nothing there to do there
  • You think that the restaurants only serve cod and you don't like fish
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