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In south-west Europe, nestling between Spain and the Atlantic is one of the least well known destinations on the continent: Portugal. Land of history, with a rich, superbly well-preserved heritage that is nevertheless resolutely modern, the things you can do in this little country (a sixth the size of France) will astonish you, as well as how welcoming its inhabitants are, its food and its traditions . There are lots of ways to explore Portugal! From Lisbon to Porto via the Algarve coast, everything encourages you to relax, and enjoy. From the big towns to the small, remote villages, local dances and dishes that are known the world over, you will be constantly surprised and astonished by the way the Portuguese manage to conserve their customs while making them a natural part of a modern way of life. Add to that its natural beauty and countryside like nowhere else and you have a wonderful cocktail that is bound to please. Travel freely around the country during car tour of Portugal. It's a particularly good place for it !
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It isn’t always easy to prepare the best holiday in Portugual, as the information available is sparse and diffuse. So that we can help you best, all the team, working with your local English speaking travel agency, is delighted to put a practical tool at your disposal that is effective and specially dedicated to your destination: The online guide to Portugual! In it, you will find essential information, such as the best times for setting off to Portugal and the types off accommodation available. In particular, you will learn that it is very easy to plan self-drive holidays to Portugal. You will also find itinerary suggestions designed to be as close as possible to your requirements, so you can prepare a customised trip. Do you like to wander around unmissable places and visit Unesco sites or are you more attracted to isolated spots off the beaten track? Whatever your preferences, you are sure to unearth the trip that suits you best. The holiday guide to Portugal by your best companion for a successful holiday!

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The climate in Portugal is temperate and very comfortable. So there's no ideal time of year for a trip to Portugal: temperatures are favourable all year round. All the same, it's more pleasant to travel there in Spring or Autumn. In truth, winter can be cold inland, and summer is very hot almost everywhere. To make the most of this temperate country, then, we advise you travel in mid-season. The Algarve region, the furthest South in the country, can definitely be visited all year round. It offers splendid beaches, and temperatures never fall below 10 degrees!
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California tourist
After making contact through the online website, Tiago proposed an itinerary which met our needs. Prior to the trip with him, we had spent a week in Portugal, in Lisbon and Porto, touring with our son and his family. After they left, with Tiago we went to the Douro Valley, Coimbra, Nazaré, Óbidos, and other places. The hotels were excellent and Tiago took us to good restaurants. He is very knowledgeable about architecture and history.
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We covered the country from Lisbon in the south to Porto in the north and other cities like Sintra, Cascais, Obidos, Batalha, Guimaraes, Marvao, Boscras, Tomar, Evora, Monsaraz, Mertola, Tavira, Coimbra, the Algarves and I am sure I forgot some.
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Kitty's Kats
I found original destination on the internet, chosoe the Spa and later found Nunu to do transport and tours. He was most helpful and also booked Hotel in Porto. We stayed at Spa for the mineral waters and treatments then went on tour to Guimares which was great. Nuno recommended**************Hotel in Porto where we were very satisfied. On the way a trip to Quitna de Avelada which was so much more then I expected, beautiful and lunch felt like a wedding. From Porto we went to Fishing village with a trip to Sardine factory and lunch at a fish market the likes I've never seem All Spectacular.
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