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What to do in Portugal?

In south-west Europe, nestling between Spain and the Atlantic is one of the least well known destinations on the continent: Portugal. Land of history, with a rich, superbly well-preserved heritage that is nevertheless resolutely modern, the things you can do in this little country (a sixth the size of France) will astonish you, as well as how welcoming its inhabitants are, its food and its traditions . There are lots of ways to explore Portugal! From Lisbon to Porto via the Algarve coast, everything encourages you to relax, and enjoy. From the big towns to the small, remote villages, local dances and dishes that are known the world over, you will be constantly surprised and astonished by the way the Portuguese manage to conserve their customs while making them a natural part of a modern way of life. Add to that its natural beauty and countryside like nowhere else and you have a wonderful cocktail that is bound to please. Travel freely around the country during car tour of Portugal. It's a particularly good place for it !
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Fall in Portugal is a special time, as the locals finally have time to rest after the hectic summer months when tourism is at its peak, and the weather is mild and clear. With abundant sunshine in the coastal areas, fall is a brilliant time for a beach break. During this season, Portugal offers a beautiful mix of wild fruits, colorful celebrations and a long marathon over the Vasco da Gama Bridge. Lisbon, Porto, and the Algarve are but a few great destinations for visitors this fall in Portugal.

Why should I visit Portugal in the fall?

Portugal is famous for its almost year-round sunshine. The coast sees mild, temperate weather, and with fewer crowds, visiting Portugal in the fall is wonderfully relaxing. Golden sunsets are spectacular in fall, especially in the city of Lisbon and along the coast.

The best things to do in Portugal in the fall

Portugal is a perfect mix of warm sunshine and dry days during the fall. This time of year allows visitors to experience real adventures through the many marathons, festivals, and resorts with golf courses and more.

Run a marathon in the capital

The Lisbon marathon begins in Cascais and finishes in the beautiful Parques das Nacoes. The scenic, sea views along the route are truly marvelous and bound to lift your spirits as you tackle this incredible distance. Participants also get to cross one of the longest bridges in Europe, the Vasco da Gama Bridge.

Indulge during a food festival in Porto 

Every October, the city of Porto celebrates one of its unique dishes, francesinha, which translates into the 'little French girl'. A sandwich with sausage and steak dipped in a spicy sauce, francesinha is reinvented during this festival, with local chefs vying for the best remake of Porto's favorite sandwich.

Grab a hole-in-one on Portuguese greens

The Algarve and Estoril coastal regions have some of the country’s best golf courses. A game that engages the mind while allowing players to mingle and network, golf is an excellent activity at this time of year, and the views from many of the courses are glorious.

Take a historical tour

It might be shoulder season in Portugal, but many of the country's monuments and historical sites are still open to the public. And the likes of the historic Jerónimos Monastery, the Belem Tower, and the National Pantheon are less crowded. Fall is the perfect time to enjoy the country's historical Roman and Arabic architecture and influences.

Get lost in the landscape

Wild and cultivated flowers and plants, like roses and lavender, blossom during fall in this Iberian country. There are fruits to enjoy too, such as grapes and chestnuts, and plenty of excellent Portuguese wines to taste.

What's the weather like in Portugal in the fall?

Temperatures in the fall are mild and there is usually plenty of sunshine. There’s also high humidity and an increase of rainfall, especially around October. Other places like Porto have cooler temperatures. Light rain coats are advised in case of showers, and a little layering is necessary as the temperature drops in the evening.

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