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An update from Evaneos

What to put in your suitcase when travelling in Portugal

Portugal has plenty of advantages. If you're looking for a holiday in a place where sun is almost always guaranteed, which is not too far from home and which is inside Europe, Portugal could be the ideal destination for you. Another advantage of Portugal is that preparing your suitcase can be done without any stress. Here you will find a list of everything that you might forget to take,

From a clothing point of view, it obviously all depends on the season that you choose to holiday in. You should therefore take light clothing to cope with the higher temperatures in summer and clothing which is a bit warmer in winter. Portugal boasts a fantastic coastline overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The beaches are fantastic, so you must not forget your swimsuit.

Regarding your first-aid kit, there's no need to overload it. Just take the necessary medication for looking after those everyday cuts and scrapes. In the event of any minor glitches, here you'll be able to find anything you might need. Consider taking some sun cream to protect yourself from the sun and to avoid spending the rest of your holiday as red as a tomato.

You can of course use your euros in Portugal. It's always best not to keep too much money on you. Instead, take a bank card so you can easily withdraw money. If you don't speak a word of Portuguese, an English-Portuguese dictionary will always be helpful when starting a conversation with the locals. To make your closed ones jealous, you'll need a camera to take lots great photos to show them when you return.

Things to put in your suitcase: 

  1. An insect repellent in the summer
  2. A camera to take good photos
  3. An English-Portuguese dictionary
  4. A debit card to make withdrawals
  5. A photocopy or a scan of your passport or your identity card in case you lose them
  6. Some sun cream to protect yourself from the sun
  7. A light first-aid kit
  8. Your swimsuit and a beach towel
  9. Warmer clothing for winter temperatures
  10. Lighter clothing for summer temperatures
  11. Your driving licence if you plan to hire a vehicle and a road map
  12. Your prescription if you travel with a lot of medication
  13. A notebook and a pen so you can record your travel experiences
David Debrincat
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