Slovenia Travel Guide

5 reasons to travel to Slovenia

From its mountains to its natural environment, not forgetting its small coastal stretch and its charming capital, Ljubljana, there's no danger of running out of things to do in this corner of paradise!
  1. 1
    Nature, nature and more nature
  2. 2
    Discover a human-size capital
  3. 3
    Because it's not just Croatia who can boast about having a pretty coastline
  4. 4
    The country's numerous sports activities
  5. 5
    A cuisine with various influences
1. Nature, nature and more nature
It's difficult to imagine that a small country could offer so many natural sights, but Slovenia boasts some absolutely exceptional scenery that is moreover incredibly diverse. From the Julian Alps and the other mountain chains in the country, with almost 30 summers of more than 2,000 m (including the majestic mount Triglav) to verdant pastures, not forgetting the fantastic grottos you find in Slovenia, this small country is the envy of its neighbours. It also offers exceptional flora and fauna, with bears, lynx and particularly rare plant species.
2. Discover a human-size capital
Ljubljana, Slovenia's capital is a modestly sized city with only 300,000 inhabitants. A sort of miniature Prague, the city is overflowing with charm, with its beautiful Austro-Hungarian-style buildings and its tiny emerald-coloured river spanned by superb bridges. Adding to its charm, in nice weather, the cafes in the city fill with smiling passers-by, while on cold winter nights, the inns and other underground bars veritably throb with the energy of this young and festive city.
3. Because it's not just Croatia who can boast about having a pretty coastline
Granted, the coastline of Slovenia is more than twenty times smaller than that of neighbouring Croatia – but smaller doesn't have to mean inferior! Quite the opposite: all it'll take to convince you is a visit to one of the two main cities on the Slovenian coast: Kiran or Koper. These both boast a magnificent old town with a Venetian influence, with a maze of tangled streets from which church spires and red-tiled roofs poke out. There are many seaside resorts where you'll be able to make the most of this small stretch of coastline, dipping your toes in the azure-blue waters of the Adriatic.
4. The country's numerous sports activities
Fans of sport will love Slovenia, especially given that each season offers a variety of fantastic opportunities! Incredible hikes in the Julian Alps in Summer, skiing and ice-skating in Winter, white-water rafting in Spring meltwater, but also kayaking, mountain biking, canyoning...the list could go on. If you enjoy sport, don't hesitate: Slovenia is the destination for you!
5. A cuisine with various influences
At a cultural crossroads, between Italy, Austria and the Balkans, Slovenia borrows a little of the respective influences of each of these countries, resulting in a rich gastronomy which you're sure to love: delicious meats, perfect risottos, flavoured with olive oil or fresh truffles, sea food and fish, or more generous dishes based around breaded meat, there's a vast range of Slovenian cuisine available at very decent prices. Particularly given the incredible amount of local wines and spirits which accompany these feasts!

When to go in Slovenia?

The best time to visit Slovenia is in spring, when temperatures are pleasant and the landscape is in bloom. On the other hand, the country is crowded in summer, you will therefore avoid this time if you are allergic to crowds, unless of course you want to lounge around on the Adriatic coast. Lastly, if you are going skiing go from December to March. Set off on a discovery of Slovenia's superb scenery, its famous thermal spas or yet again its ancient caves.
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