7 reasons to travel to Cambodia

Cambodia is a country that is still relatively unknown in Europe, a country that is worth a visit as there are things to discover there. 
  1. 1
    For a more laid back way of life and the friendliness of the Cambodians
  2. 2
    To sail on the largest lake in Southeast Asia
  3. 3
    To discover a capital unlike any other
  4. 4
    To observe endangered dolphins
  5. 5
    To take advantage of the heavenly islands that haven't been affected by mass tourism
  6. 6
    To get a taste of the best rice in the world
  7. 7
    To get lost in the maze of Angkor's temples
1. For a more laid back way of life and the friendliness of the Cambodians

Cambodians are a very welcoming people. You'll quickly feel comfortable during your stay. All the childen saying "Hello!" and everyone smiling. Khmers are known as the most welcoming people in Asia, and by going there, you will quickly understand why. 

2. To sail on the largest lake in Southeast Asia

Tonle Sap, located in the centre of the country, is the economic heart that provides a way for many Cambodians to survive. During the rainy season, the waters of the Mekong rise and the lake doubles in size! You can take a cruise on the lake, for example, to get to Phnom Penh or Battambang from Siem Reap. 

3. To discover a capital unlike any other

Phnom Penh is a strange capital, between tradition and modernity, where chaos reigns throughout the city, and at the same time there's a certain tranquillity. It is a city you should definitely visit in order to understand Cambodian culture, by visiting the Royal Palace or just by simply walking along the Quai Sisowath, which borders the river. 

4. To observe endangered dolphins

The Irrawaddy dolphin is a very specific species of dolphin that lives exclusively in the waters of the Mekong River in Laos and Northern Cambodia. Its snout and fin have a very particular shape. You can see them while on a boat ride in Kratie or Stung Treng. It's an excursion that is not to be missed for nature lovers, in the remote regions of Cambodia.

5. To take advantage of the heavenly islands that haven't been affected by mass tourism

Unlike in Thailand and Vietnam, the Cambodian coastal Islands are little bits of paradise on Earth, yet they aren't busy with tourists. The islands off the coast of Sihanoukville are more or less populated, but even during peak season, they are still untouched. So you need to go there now, before it's too late!

6. To get a taste of the best rice in the world

Yes, the Cambodian rice from the province of Battambang, just three hours from Siem Reap, is renowned as the best rice in the world, and for two years in a row, has won a contest comparing the world's best rices. In addition, the rice paddy scenery in Battambang's countryside is absolutely magnificent, ideal for those who love trips off the beaten path.  

7. To get lost in the maze of Angkor's temples

It's the most well-known site in the country and THE main reason why Cambodia gets millions of visitors every year! The temples of Angkor are an architectural wonder, of which Angkor Wat is the ultimate symbol. A "must see" during your stay in Cambodia.  

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Why travel to Cambodia?

As a country wildly different to our own, Cambodia has a lot of things it can teach us, starting with their way of seeing the world, and with a rich human and architectural heritage. One thing is sure, you will have a lot to experience during your time in Cambodia.  

You should go if...
  • You want a completely exotic experience, from an exotic culture, to landscapes and climate.
  • You are lovers of archeology, temples and old stone
  • You love authentic trips
  • You want to discover places that have been preserved, like Koh Kong or Mondulkiri
  • You want to get away from everyday life
  • You want to discover a little-known country

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When to go in Cambodia?

The nicest time to visit Cambodia is between December and February. June is often the hottest month and the rainy season begins in July and lasts until October. However the scenery changes dramatically at different times of the year.
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Prepare your trip in Cambodia

There are some essential things you should know before your trip to Cambodia so that your time there is as easy as possible and you enjoy your trip to Cambodia in the best possible conditions.

What documents are needed for traveling to Cambodia?

You need a visa to get into Cambodia. It has recently become possible to order one on-line which avoids the long queues at the airport when you arrive. If not, you can do it there, either at the airport when you arrive, or if you cross the border from Vietnam, Laos or Thailand. Make sure you have identity photos and US dollars to pay for it.

Health advise

There are no obligatory vaccinations for going to Cambodia but you should make sure that all your vaccinations are up to date and you are recommended to have Hepatitis A and B. You may be advised to get vaccinated against rabies, Japanese encephalitis and typhoid but they aren't obligatory, especially if you are not leaving the big towns. If you are expecting to spend time in the jungle or the isolated islands then you should take anti-malaria treatment.


The official language is Khmer, and it's spoken all over the country, except by a few ethnic minorities in the province of Ratanakiri who speak Krom. However, since the arrival of mass tourism, lots of Cambodians speak English, especially in Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and Battambang.

Time difference

The time is 7 hours ahead of the UK in winter and 6 hours ahead in summer.

Phone and internet connection

International telephone code: +855

Internet is accessible everywhere, hotels, bars and restaurants generally have good wifi.


The plugs are like French plugs so you will need an adapter.

If you are going to remote areas, or are staying with locals, electricity is often only available a few hours a day.

The Embassy of the United Kingdom in Cambodia

Preah Botum Soriyavong, Phnom Penh
Tel: +855 23 427 124

Website: www.gov.uk/government/world/cambodia

Cambodian Embassy in the UK

64 Brondesbury Park

London NW6 7AT

United Kingdom

+44 20 8451 7850