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Cambodia Travel Guide

7 reasons to travel to Cambodia

Cambodia is a country that is still relatively unknown in Europe, a country that is worth a visit as there are things to discover there. 

  • 1.
    For a more laid back way of life and the friendliness of the Cambodians
  • 2.
    To sail on the largest lake in Southeast Asia
  • 3.
    To discover a capital unlike any other
  • 4.
    To observe endangered dolphins
  • 5.
    To take advantage of the heavenly islands that haven't been affected by mass tourism
  • 6.
    To get a taste of the best rice in the world
  • 7.
    To get lost in the maze of Angkor's temples

Travel ideas

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Places of interest

Is this the destination for you?

As a country wildly different to our own, Cambodia has a lot of things it can teach us, starting with their way of seeing the world, and with a rich human and architectural heritage. One thing is sure, you will have a lot to experience during your time in Cambodia.  

You should go if

  • You want a completely exotic experience, from an exotic culture, to landscapes and climate.
  • You are lovers of archeology, temples and old stone
  • You love authentic trips
  • You want to discover places that have been preserved, like Koh Kong or Mondulkiri
  • You want to get away from everyday life
  • You want to discover a little-known country

You shouldn't go if

  • You don't like madness and noise
  • You aren't comfortable with high temperatures
  • You are sensitive to poverty
  • You don't like mosquitoes!
  • You don't like very exotic places

Culture and Discovery

Tonlé Sap: socially and environmentally responsible tourism

Tonlé Sap is definitely one of the essential places to visit when exploring Cambodia. To really do it properly and get the most out of the experience, you need to meet th...
Laetitia Santos17 November 2015
Travel story

The Cambodian islands: unique, yet untouched places

I strongly recommend visiting the islands off the coast of Sihanoukville, Kep and Kampot. These are privileged places, ideal for spending one or more days in order to tak...
Bettina Zourli9 September 2019
Travel story

Activities often overlooked in Siem Reap

Don't just visit the temples of Angkor. It's really worth it to spend several days in Siem Reap, to enjoy its many activities and the beauty of its countrysides. Recommen...
Bettina Zourli6 August 2015
Travel story

A tour of the hidden temples of Angkor

Follow the guide to discover the secrets of Angkor! The temples don't stop with Angkor Wat. If you take the time to travel just a little further you will encounter some r...
Bettina Zourli5 August 2015
Travel story

Kratié: facing the Mekong, where Irrawaddy dolphins swim

Kratié is a provincial town with the quiet charm of the towns along the river. And what a river! The Mekong, the mythical Mekong. Walking along it, admiring the sunset, t...
Lorette Vinet6 March 2018
Travel story

Battambang, a still unknown city of culture

Go and discover Battambang, the city that suffered the most from the dictatorship and purification by Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge: today its people are trying to reconnec...
Bettina Zourli10 August 2015
Travel story
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