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Kompong Chnang

Kompong Chnang (Cambodia)

Practical information on Kompong Chnang

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4 / 5 - 2 reviews
How to get there
1 hour from Phnom Penh by boat or car
When to go
All year round
Minimum stay
A few hours

Reviews of Kompong Chnang

Bettina Zourli Seasoned Traveller
125 written opinions

Kampong Chhnang is the biggest fishing village in Cambodia and, as it's name in Khmer (pottery port) indicates, a well-known centre of local craftsmanship.

My suggestion:
Hire a bike to explore the town and the villages of potters around it, especially Andeong Russey which is north of the town.
My review

The most interesting thing about Kampong Chhnang is obviously the floating village. It's the biggest in Cambodia and about 4,000 people live on the water there! Part of discovering Cambodia has to be discovering what life on the water is like for its inhabitants.

When I went to the centre of town I found lots of boats which take you into these villages. For me, visiting a floating village was one of the best moments of my trip. You can see the children going to school by pirogue, the market floating on the water, the inhabitants doing their washing... 

There are few hotels or restaurants at Kampong Chhnang. It's a small town with few tourists and so is still quite traditional. That's why I think walking or cycling are the best ways to visit Kampong Chhnang.

Kampong Chhnang
Romain Beuvart Seasoned Traveller
89 written opinions

Kampong Chhnang is a large community of floating houses grouped on the south east banks of Tonlé Sap lake.

My suggestion:
If you like travelling differently, then take a boat to or from Siem Reap and you'll be taking a unique trip on Tonlé Sap, the biggest lake in south-east Asia. You can also get to Kampong Chhnang by boat from Phnom Penh.
My review

Kampong Chhnang is an important port, dedicated to trading in china. Its principal attraction are the rows of floating houses, which remind me of the floating villages on Ha Long Bay in Vietnam... Not surprisingly because they are home to Vietnamese refugees who fled the war.

An exploration by boat is best for this floating town that has everything you need: electricity, garage, school, shops, everything is there, floating on the banks of the great Tonlé Sap lake. I think it is much more welcoming that other villages with lots of friendly smiles and children saying "hello, hello". You feel that Cambodia lives at its own rhythm. The few tourists at Kampong Chhnang are welcome but they don't change anything (as yet) and the place is still authentic.

Outside of the village itself there are several notable temples. Even if they aren't truly comparable with the marvels of Angkor, they're a good excuse to go exploring the countryside and enjoy its relaxed atmosphere.

Floating village on Tonlé Sap lake.