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An update from Evaneos

Silk Island - a haven of peace in the middle of Phnom Penh

The Silk Island is a must see during a trip to Cambodia and Phnom Penh. Only 12 kilometres from the capital, it is reached by boat but once there you will find a way of life that is very different to that of the towns.

Silk Island - something interesting and different to do 

A day on Silk Island is the chance to do some good walks. You can hire a bike for the day because there are lots of paths designed to let you travel easily. Or you can hire a motorbike because it's the ideal place to spend some time off the beaten path!

At the north of the island there is a beach where you can relax, eat and drink while admiring the superb countryside. It's a place where life is good and the locals think so too! 

Or alternatively, you can take a cruise on the Mekong, which goes around the Silk Island: it will give you a great view of the local houses and sailing on the Mekong is always a pleasure. 

A unique traditional place

You can also stay on the island for several days in one of its pleasant guesthouses.

Whilst you are there don't forget to visit the different workshops where you can learn more about weaving, especially silk weaving. I brought back some lovely fabric bought there and there are also pottery workshops, woodworkers, etc. 


You can also spend time with the locals who are very welcoming and willing to show you how they fish or just spend time with you.

If you spend a day on Koh Dach you really feel like you have travelled back in time to a more traditional Cambodia. 

Bettina Zourli
66 contributions