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An update from Evaneos

The Cambodian islands: unique, yet untouched places

The Cambodian coast is still unknown to many tourists, who prefer to go to the famous beaches of Thailand. However, we find in Cambodia, some unique islands, untouched by mass tourism and pollution.

The beaches of Sihanoukville, heaven on Earth

Koh Rong Samloem is one of the country's most beautiful beaches, and it's located just 30 minutes by boat from Sihanoukville's city centre. It is the busiest beach in Cambodia, and yet it only has a few bungalows and restaurants. You can access it by speedboat or you can choose one of the day trips departing from the port of Sihanoukville.

The "party boat" is among the activities offered there, and it's mostly frequented by backpackers: it's a nice day, with the option to go snorkeling, as well as to have lunch on the boat and spend time on the island enjoying the beach. On the other hand, the boat is very noisy, because there's music playing all day long! 

On Koh Rong, the neighbouring Island, you'll find the famous Song Saa Island hotel, a very luxurious hotel that offers an enchanting setting: the ideal destination for those who like luxury.  

Song Saa Island

More intimate, get to the islands from Kep and Kampot

The cities of Kep and Kampot are already visited less than Sihanoukville, yet they offer opportunities for some beautiful rides. You can spend a day on ( Rabbit Island ), 45 minutes from Kep by boat. Be aware that this island is very dirty on one of the slopes. However, when you cross it, you get to some beautiful beaches.

Another less-known island is Bamboo Island (Koh Russey), because there are only a few facilities there. It's truly a lost island, worthy of Robinson Crusoe! 

To get even further away, you can go to Koh Kong, a town located near the Thai border on the coast. This peninsula also offers some heavenly beaches. I went there during the low season (August), and I felt so much like I was all alone in the world, as it's still a lost paradise! Mangroves, waterfalls, and other sights are among the things to see there. A destination that is truly off the beaten path!

Bettina Zourli
66 contributions