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An update from Evaneos

The Botum Sakor park: a paradise to explore

The Botum Sakor national park has perfectly preserved wildlife, perfect for fans of trekking and unique voyages. It is also home to beautiful beaches that are hardly ever visited. It's a region to visit fairly soon, as many Chinese companies are talking about moving there and therefore ruining its charm. 

Botum Skor park: flora and fauna still preserved

If you're lucky, you can see the Indonesian tiger, bears and even leopards. Many species of snake, like the cobra and the Malaysian viper, live in these places and appear frequently. Finally, there are crocodiles in the river and you will be able to see them quite often.

You can visit the park and its surroundings by yourselves, however it is advisable to take a local guide with you, who will show you the places he knows well so you don't waste any time. 

The site was notably recognised as a 'place of biodiversity' by the Wildlife Alliance organisation.  

View of Botum Sakor

Escape to tranquility

There are not that many places to stay on site, but you can still camp there - ideal for an adventure! If you don't fancy that, why not choose one of the hotels in Koh Kong, only two hours from the park. It's a pretty little seaside resort.

You can organise two days of excursions in Botum Sakor, one by foot and one by boat: it's a great way to see the beautiful views of the jungle. 

It's also possible to stay in the Peam Krasop nature reserve, in the north of the park. It's better to navigate the mangrove swamps by boat and follow the numerous water trails. 

Bettina Zourli
66 contributions