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What to do in Cambodia?

Feel a total sense of wonder standing before the temples of Angkor! The dark years of Cambodia are gone for good and the country is open to the world. Visitors are ever increasing and come to discover the majestic site of Angkor, the internationally renowned pearl of the tourist industry. The city of Angkor has known an extraordinary fate: forgotten for several centuries, rediscovered by the French in 1907 and once again forgotten. Visitors have been able to rediscover its secrets for the past twenty years. Built between the 9th and 14th Centuries, Angkor was one of the biggest towns in the world and is today, one of the most visited sites in the world! Although it’s difficult to be able to contemplate these sublime temples alone, like the explorers of the beginning of the 20th century, to discover them through Evaneos Travel, will guarantee you an adventure off the beaten tracks and a long way away from tourists. Enchantment is guaranteed! Cambodia also has other riches to offer curious visitors: as a member of Evaneos Travel, the things you will remember about your holiday, apart from the magnificent sites you have visited, will undoubtedly be the « kindness and availability of the Cambodians », that you will be lucky enough to encounter during your visit…
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When to go in Cambodia?

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Start planning your family vacation to Cambodia

Why not take your family to explore Cambodia’s sunny climate and ancient, fascinating history on one of our tailor-made Cambodia tours? The warm, welcoming and family-orientated culture here means that you and your children will be made to feel at home even while living your wildest dreams, and with so many fascinating sites on offer, families are bound to fall in love with Cambodia, no matter their age. Explore everything from the most famous temples of Angkor Wat to the hidden markets and floating fishing villages that lie deep in the countryside. One thing is certain, on a family trip to Cambodia, neither you nor your kids will ever be bored.

Best things to see and do in Cambodia with kids

Cambodia’s overgrown temples make the perfect stomping ground for family travelers and provide the perfect mixture between fascinating history for the adults, (that may even keep the kids entertained for a bit too) and fun environment for kids to play in. While the UNESCO-listed site of Angkor Wat is the most popular choice, Cambodia has so many temples and interesting archaeological sites that you can choose to head away from the crowds without compromising on any of the fun. Beng Mealea is just one example of another temple site that families are sure to love exploring and you will feel like true adventurers as you clamber over the twisted tree roots that cover the remains of this site that once hosted an ancient civilization. If you want to admire the local countryside in Siem Reap, why not hire quad bikes and head off on a thrilling adventure? For younger children, don’t worry, an ox cart ride is a perfect alternative and allows you to experience a fun glimpse of local life here. A local market is another unmissable visit where you and your family will be able to buy souvenirs and taste delicious local food. For an even longer lasting souvenir, you can take a family cooking class to learn how to create all your favorite Cambodian dishes even after you return home.

Animal-loving families should visit the Phnom Tamao Wildlife Park to see the native sun bears and you can even help to prepare their food and help to make toys for the bears here. If you're looking for a more authentic, local experience with your children, why not sit down and drink tea with a welcoming local family, who can tell you all about their life in Cambodia and share some fascinating stories? You’ll also love visiting one of Cambodia’s colorful, bustling markets, where the sights and smells (not to mention the food) are sure to sweep you all off your feet! For families wanting to relax, Cambodia’s strings of islands provide the perfect location. Take a boat ride off the shore of Sihanoukville and land on any of the beautiful islands, each with its own appeal. If you can’t decide, you can go on an island-hopping trip and visit as many as you like. 

Best time to visit Cambodia as a family

Cambodia’s weather is very varied but is generally split into a wet season and a dry season, with the dry season falling between November and April. This is the time when Cambodia is most visited and so, in some popular places, can seem a little crowded. If you’re keen to enjoy dry, hot weather with no chances of rain then travelling during this period is the choice for you, however, it is advisable to book accommodations a little in advance since they can fill up. Contrary to its name, rainy season is not filled with constant downpour, but rather sees rainfall for around an hour every day, and usually in the afternoon or evening. This brief daily shower rarely puts off plans but can be quite dramatic and sudden. For the other hours of the day, bright sunshine is accompanied with green scenery as plant life and trees flourish during this season and it is generally considered to be the time when the country is at its most scenic. April and May are very hot and humid, and may be overwhelming for younger visitors who could find dramatic storms frightening, however this can be the perfect time to visit with older children and teenagers since they will be able to enjoy the hot summer mornings and then relax in the shade of a palm tree and have an afternoon siesta during the hot midday hours. You will have to make the decision of when to travel based on what you and your family’s needs and what you want to get out of your trip.

Family vacation tips for traveling to Cambodia

With a little research and knowledge you can ensure that you are as prepared as possible for your family trip to Cambodia, here a few tips and tricks to ensure that everything runs smoothly on your vacation.

  • Most Southeast Asian countries operate around a very family orientated culture and so you and your kids will feel incredibly welcome here. You may find that children get a lot of attention, with locals stroking their hair (especially if its blonde or curly) and are generally treated like little celebrities. Locals may also ask to hold babies and very young children, which is a completely normal request here. If this makes you uncomfortable you can simply politely decline.
  • Nothing spoils a holiday quite like a stomach bug and whilst Southeast Asia may have a reputation for this kind of thing, it is completely avoidable and a few good practices may save you trouble later on. Avoid drinking tap water and always ask for drinks without ice in restaurants.
  • Food wise, if your children aren’t mad about spice, remember to specify that you would like your food without it, since spicy food is the norm here. There are plenty of delicious alternatives but it’s worth mentioning when you order your food to avoid having to reorder something else.
  • Check in with your GP before leaving to see what vaccinations and medications you will need before and during your trip.

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