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Myanmar Travel Guide

6 reasons to travel to Burma

Burma has only recently opened up to tourism and remains a country little known to Westerners. It is new as a travel destination, and is attracting more and more visitors every year. An extraordinary country, unusually welcoming and with the wonderful things it has to offer spread across its whole territory, Burma is definitely worth visiting. Here's some of the very good reasons why.

  • 1.
    Head off on a spiritual journey
  • 2.
    Visiting and exploring Pindaya
  • 3.
    Experience the marvel of Inle Lake
  • 4.
    Take a trip back in time
  • 5.
    The experience of being welcomed with open arms by the Burmese people
  • 6.
    Temples are everywhere to be seen in Bagan

Travel ideas

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Places of interest

Is this the destination for you?

If seeing unusual landscapes/scenery and meeting genuine local people are things you dream of doing, a trip to Burma may be just what you're looking for!

You should go if

  • You like experiencing a genuine change of scenery
  • You're prepared to experience a culture shock
  • You enjoy meeting people
  • You find the name of Shampoo Island intriguing
  • You like Buddhist temples and archaeological sites
  • You dream of climbing the 777 steps up Mount Popa

You shouldn't go if

  • It's your first trip to Asia
  • You want a destination where you can quickly find your bearings
  • You like to be able to travel around quickly
  • You like comfort
  • You enjoy large cities
  • You don't like noise

Culture and Discovery

Travel on the waters of the Irrawaddy and its secrets

Going from the north of Tibet to the south east of Myanmar, with one of its branches feeding the Yangon region, the Irrawaddy River plays a more than important role in ec...
Silvia Garcia & François Vioud20 November 2015
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The art of eating in Myanmar

Myanmar's cuisine is perhaps less sophisticated than that of its neighbours but it is full of flavour and more consistent. You need to find the place where the locals eat...
Silvia Garcia & François Vioud20 November 2015
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Mandalay, Bagan: 2 exceptional sites in the heart of Burma

Mandalay and Bagan. Two names which will quickly be written in travel guides as two spiritual and historic destinations in the amazing and welcoming Burma. Two names that...
Alexandra Maillet20 November 2015
Travel story

Be responsible when visiting Burma; do not feed the junta!

After years of being ruled by the iron hand of a military junta, Burma has now opened up to democracy and become a fashionable Asian travel destination. But to practice r...
Laetitia Santos28 May 2015
Travel story

Môn and Kayin, two States, two identities

Môn and Kayin, States and neighbouring peoples in the south-east of Burma. Te anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss said, "the majority of customs of people is always marked...
Silvia Garcia & François Vioud6 March 2018
Travel story

Climbing the western summits

Nat Ma Taung, which is also called Mount Victoria, is the highest point of the Chin Hills and also the highest point in Chin State. It is more than 3,000 m high, which ma...
Marc Sigala22 March 2016
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