5 reasons to travel to Peru

Peru is a destination that dreams are made of and can arouse curiosity in the traveller. As a country rich in humanity, culture, geography, food, etc., Peru is a destination that knows how to satisfy many a globe trotter.
  1. 1
    The richness of Incan culture
  2. 2
    The diversity of landscape
  3. 3
    Try the delicious local cuisine
  4. 4
    Climb Huayna Picchu
  5. 5
    The kindness of the population
1. The richness of Incan culture
Who is not fascinated by the Incan people and their constructions as sublime as they are grandiose? Peru is brimming with historical Incan sites, which will give you the opportunity to learn about this civilisation. Many sites are still derivative of this past life, and will know how to communicate the power of this people.
2. The diversity of landscape
The vast expanse of Peru confers a large diversity of landscapes that will satisfy a large number of travellers. The country has sumptuous sand dunes at its disposal, which are perfect for sport! The coast is lines with numerous beaches of fine sand, which will please those who like to relax or practise water sports. The hiker will most likely head for the snow-covered mountains and high-altitude lakes, like the famous lake Titicaca. The nature lover will not hesitate to visit the Amazonian rainforest, not far from the Brazilian border.
3. Try the delicious local cuisine
The Peruvians have developed their own cultural cuisine and a stay in the heart of Peru will be a great opportunity to try some new food. Ceviche, fish cooked in lemon juice, is a must-eat! Your tastebuds will only be able to appreciate the freshness of the dish, with many different flavours worked in such as mango, sweet potato etc. Don't forget to try barbecued llama kebabs, logo saltado, or even more original, oven-cooked guinea pig!
4. Climb Huayna Picchu
When you talk about Peru, the first thing that comes to mind is the image of the ruins of the ancient city of Machu Picchu and its famous Huayna Picchu mountain. Who has never dreamed of exploring the remains of a lost Incan empire? A visit to Peru would be an ideal opportunity for you to see this exceptional historical site.
5. The kindness of the population
Travelling around Peru whilst meeting the local population, experiencing their warm welcome, their desire to share their culture, are enough reasons for you to choose this destination. Cuzco and its unique universe really know how to seduce the traveller and integrate him into daily life.
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Why travel to Peru?

Lovers of mythical places; take a trip to Peru. Those allergic to heights and hoards of tourists; choose a different destination.

You should go if...
  • You don't speak Spanish
  • You don't have three weeks to spare
  • You think that the Mayans had a stronger influence than the Incas
  • You would like to get off the beaten track, Peru is too touristy
You shouldn't go if
  • You dream of visiting mythical places such as Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca or the Nazca lines
  • You want to see for yourself whether Cusco is really the continent's most beautiful town
  • You would like to learn more about the Incan civilisation
  • You like the charm of colonial towns
  • You want to taste Peruvian cuisine, little known but delicious
  • You would like to go on a trek in the Andes
  • You want to meet the indigenous people of the Amazon jungle

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When to go in Peru?

You can go to Peru at any time of year. In fact, the country's climate varies enormously across the regions. Choose the dry season, from December to March, to visit the coast. June to August or in mid-season is best for touring the Andes and September or November is best for a hike in the Amazon rainforest. You can climb the famous Machu Picchu and go down the Madre de Dios river by canoe in this colourful country with its huge number of tourist attractions.
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Prepare your trip in Peru
Here's some useful information to help you plan your trip to Peru. Forewarned is forearmed!

What documents are needed for traveling to Peru?

British passport holders don't need a visa if the purpose is tourism and on arrival you'll normally be given permission to stay for 6 months. These permits are provided on arrival only and cannot be renewed.

Health advise

Peru is famous for its high altitude towns, Cuzco and Puno being no exception. So keep an eye on altitude sickness, which can present a danger. There are some basic rules you should follow. Firstly, pace yourself and avoid intense physical effort. Walk slowly, take rests and drink lots of water or tea. There's also the local remedy, which involves chewing cocoa leaves!

Finally, if you're planning a holiday in the Peruvian Amazon, speak to your doctor about the recommended vaccinations, notably Yellow Fever and Hepatitis A, as well as sorting out malaria pills.


Spanish is the language spoken in Peru. Peruvians speak slowly and clearly articulate their words, which makes life easier.

Time difference

The time difference between Peru and the UK is 5 or 6 hours, depending whether it's GMT or BST. So during the winter when its midday in the UK, it's 6am in Peru or 7am during summer.

Phone and internet connection

International dialling code: +51

Internet access is widely available in Peru and most hotels are suitably equipped. Plus all towns have internet cafes.


Voltage is 220V, so same as the UK You'll need to take a power plug adaptor as they only use two-pin plugs. You may well be able to find adaptors when there - or pick one up at the airport before you board your flight.

British Embassy in Peru

Torre Parque Mar (22nd Floor), Av Jose Larco 1301, Miraflores 15074, Peru
Tel: (+511) 617 30 00

Email: belima@fco.gov.uk

There's no dedicated website but the FCO's site has all you need: https://www.gov.uk/government/world/organisations/british-embassy-peru

Peruvian Embassy in the UK

52 Sloane Street, London SW1X 9SP

Tel: 020 7235 3802

Email: postmaster@peruembassy-uk.com

Website: www.peruembassy-uk.com