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Famous for its beautiful nature, packed with flora and fauna found nowhere else on the planet, Peru is a spectacular vacation destination no matter where you go. Home to the towering Andes mountains, lush Amazon rainforest and the winding Amazon River, Peru also has some of the finest lakes in the world. In fact, there are over 50 lakes in Peru in total.

What makes Peru's lakes so special?

Situated on the west coast of South America, Peru's coastline is lapped by the Pacific Ocean, but bodies of water inland are diverse and plentiful too. Peru’s lakes are some of the continent's biggest, and their bright blue waters and picturesque surroundings should be on every nature lover's bucket list. 

The best lakes in Peru for your itinerary 

Want to know which are the best lakes in Peru? We've chosen four of our favorites. 

Watch the sunset on the surface of Tres Chimbadas Lake

Nestled within Tambopata National Reserve, the Tres Chimbadas Lake is home to diverse and fascinating flora and fauna. Otter families live in and around the waters, while piranha can be seen beneath the surface. In the treetops, you’ll spot spider monkeys and a colorful variety of birdlife. Hike the surrounding forests until sunset and then watch the stunning colors reflect on the extensive waters of Tres Chimbadas Lake. 

Marvel at the towering sand dunes at the oasis of Huacachina

This lake is a testament to the diversity of Peruvian landscape and geography. Set against the sand dunes of the Ica region, this water provides life in an otherwise harsh and dry desert. This is a unique and often overlooked body of water as many of the famous Peruvian lakes are found at high altitudes and around snow.

Admire the shimmering turquoise waters of Lake 69

The surreal bright blue waters of Lake 69 are set against a dramatic mountainous backdrop in the Huascaran National Park. The hike here is breathtaking, not least because of the altitude, but is entirely worthwhile for views of those incredibly blue waters and the snowy Cordillera Blanca in the distance.

Gaze across the water to the striking Andes mountains at Lake Titicaca

South America's largest lake, Lake Titicaca is located in the Andes and is said by local Andean peoples to be the birthplace of the sun. Lake Titicaca is globally-renowned for its rich history, accessibility, glittering deep-blue waters and stunning Andes views, and a list of Peru lakes wouldn't be complete without it. 

Tips for visiting Peru's lakes

The best time to visit Peru’s lakes is between May and October, although there is no bad time to visit Peru as the wet season isn’t too disruptive, still allowing travelers to enjoy the lakes and surrounding nature.

When to go in Peru?

You can go to Peru at any time of year. In fact, the country's climate varies enormously across the regions. Choose the dry season, from December to March, to visit the coast. June to August or in mid-season is best for touring the Andes and September or November is best for a hike in the Amazon rainforest. You can climb the famous Machu Picchu and go down the Madre de Dios river by canoe in this colourful country with its huge number of tourist attractions.
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