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What to do in Peru?

On these pages you will find ideas for a trip to Peru to help you prepare for your trip. All these ideas are there just to get your imagination going; you can alter, mix and match them as you please. Your local agent will help you create a unique and unforgettable trip, just for you! Peru has three distinct parts, each with its own character: the Pacific coast, which is the most densely populated; the Andes range, with the highest mountain being the towering Huascarán at 6,768 metres; and the Amazon, which covers the largest part of the country. If you’re going, start with the must-see: Machu Picchu – fortunately not found by the Conquistadors – rediscovered in 1911. You should visit it at dawn to see the ruins shrouded in mist. This extraordinary site still clasps a few secrets to its bosom. Not far away, the Andes range draw ramblers and trekkers to magnificent landscapes. The ultimate rambling experience is the Inca Trail through exceptional archaeological sites. During your stay in Peru, you must stop in Cusco, the former capital of the Inca Empire. The Spanish erected their buildings, especially religious ones, over Inca constructions which they systematically destroyed, only sparing their characteristic foundations, which are still visible today with their large, perfectly cut and fitted stones. A voyage out of time awaits you in Cusco.
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When to go in Peru?

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Start planning your summer trip to Peru

Peru is one of South America’s most popular travel destinations thanks to its exciting cities, thriving jungles and towering mountains. The country is packed with historical, cultural, and natural wonders that draw thousands of visitors to its shores. Summer in Peru is a special time to visit, with many fun and educational experiences on offer.

Why should I visit Peru in the summer?

Summer in Peru coincides with the Northern Hemisphere’s winter. This period has the warmest days of the year, with the driest weather found on the coast. Here you’ll find an incredible diversity of nature, combined with a rich cultural heritage to make a brilliant summer vacation destination. 

Best things to do in Peru in the summer

Peru is famous for its archaeological sites dating back thousands of years, including wonders like the Incan ruins of Machu Picchu. The cities are also culturally rich, with numerous museums, markets, and art galleries. These are the top things to do in summer in Peru. 

Get a bird's-eye view of the Nazca Lines

The Nazca Lines are one of the world’s few unsolved mysteries. The complex geoglyph patterns are suspected to have been created about 2,000 years ago, and you can see them in full form on an airplane ride from the town of Paracas. You'll marvel at designs depicting geometric shapes, animals, and plants as you soar through the air.

Explore Saqsaywaman 

Saqsaywaman is a near thousand-year-old fortified complex, first built by the Killke people. This engineering marvel, with its giant hand-cut stones, is easily reached on a day trip from Cusco. You'll also get great views overlooking Cusco if you come on a clear day.

Discover Lake Titicaca's floating islands

Lake Titicaca straddles the border between Bolivia and Peru, and is one of the world's highest navigable bodies of water. The Uros indigenous community resides on the lake on islands made from reeds. Other islands are home to various indigenous peoples and archaeological sites, so this lake is a truly fascinating place to get to know Peruvian culture.

Relax on Mancora's beaches

In summer, this beach town is popular with vacationers from all over the world. For surfers and kitesurfers, you’ll love riding the waves here, which draw hundreds throughout the season. For something more relaxing, simply sit back and enjoy stunning views of the ocean as you feast fresh delicacies like ceviche, or sip on pisco sours.

Canoe in the Amazon

The largest rainforest in the world also has the world's second-longest river. Local guides will accompany you on canoeing excursions through the jungle, where you’ll see all manner of wildlife from tropical birds to monkeys and more. 

What’s the weather like in Peru in the summer?

Summer in Peru is long and generally lasts from December to April. Days are usually sunny, with some morning fog closer to the coast. Temperatures average around 80°F on the coast, with warmer temperatures in the Amazon jungles, and cooler ones in the mountains. Rain is common in the highlands and jungles, especially in January and February, while the coast stays mostly dry.

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