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Welcome to this guide to Travel in Peru. Peru offers the traveller a huge range of things to explore, take our word for it as hardened travellers – you won’t be disappointed! The most unmissable of unmissable sights on your travels are the remains of the Inca civilization in Mach...Welcome to this guide to Travel in Peru. Peru offers the traveller a huge range of things to explore, take our word for it as hardened travellers – you won’t be disappointed! The most unmissable of unmissable sights on your travels are the remains of the Inca civilization in Machu Pichu. Peru has the largest and most fabulous concentration of archaeological sites from the pre-Columbian era. Here, every stone is important and every colour is significant. But the Inca remains are not the country’s only attraction. When you’re staying in Peru, you will be blown away by the beauty of its natural landscapes. You will be able to bask before superb sunsets over the Pacific Ocean, walk through the deepest canyons in the world and observe amazing flora and fauna. Peruvian biodiversity is one of the richest in the world and is protected in numerous national parks which take up no less than 14% of the country…Lastly, when you’re travelling in Peru, you’re guaranteed to fall under the spell of the Peruvian people with their amazing mixture of heritage from different pre-Columbian civilizations and traditions brought in by Spanish colonisation...Continue reading

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19 Inspiring Trip Ideas in Peru
  • Off the beaten track
Off the tourist track Peru
While Machu Picchu is one of the most photographed landmarks in the world the daily onslaught of tourists certainly cheapens the experience. Instead,...
Length12 daysApprox.$2,400
  • Off the beaten track
Quoylloriti festival trip
Visit the Qoyllority Sanctuary during the festival! This is one of the most intriguing festivals in the Andes. While it is linked with the...
Length7 daysApprox.$830
  • Highlights
Whistle-stop Cusco
Prepare for CUSCO - one of the most seductive, striking and natural cities of the world! Wander around charming streets...
Length4 daysApprox.$900
  • Highlights
Machu Picchu and Northern Amazonia for families
Bienvenido a Peru! Welcome to the Incan Empire! An adventure awaits you and your family. Discover the ancient ruins nestled deep in the Andean...
Length10 daysApprox.$1,800
  • Highlights
Inca Empire for families
Combine the highlights of Peru, such as archaeological sites and stunning landscapes, with sporting activities like rafting, horseback riding,...
Length14 daysApprox.$1,880
  • Boutique travel
Active honeymoon adventure
Prepare for Peru - a romantic, magical and mystical country! We propose a voyage carefully tailored for honeymooners with excessive levels of energy...
Length12 daysApprox.$2,050
  • Highlights
Cusco and the Rainbow Mountain
Discover gorgeous Peru on an incredible 9-day trip! On this journey, you will discover the cities of Lima and Cusco, learn about the ancient...
Length9 daysApprox.$1,770
  • Adventure
Lake Titicaca, Colca Canyon and the Sacred Valley
Immerse yourself in a country rich in culture and discover its stunning natural beauty: on foot, by mountain bike, on horseback and...
Length14 daysApprox.$1,620
  • Highlights
Andean culture and heritage
Discover the essence of Peruvian culture by visiting an array of communities in the Andes! Stay with local families who will share their daily...
Length15 daysApprox.$2,300
  • Adventure
Southern Peru for hikers
Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Southern Peru during two memorable hikes in the Colca Canyon and the Andes! Kick things off with big city...
Length19 daysApprox.$2,350
  • Boutique travel
Best of the Inca Empire
Discover the diversity of Peru during this 10 day essential itinerary, and its three natural regions: the Pacific Coast, the...
Length10 daysApprox.$3,650
  • Highlights
Northern Coast and Machu Picchu
Prepare for a voyage of cultural discovery of the mighty Inca Empire, Moche and Huari cultures! Soak in the sunshine on the Northern Coast...
Length12 daysApprox.$1,730
  • Boutique travel
Honeymoon in the land of the Inca
Skip the stale beach resort Honeymoon and choose excitement and exploration instead. Discover Peru - one of the most awe-inspiring...
Length9 daysApprox.$3,980
  • Highlights
White cities, ancient ruins and Lake Titicaca
Voyage across Southern Peru, from its natural wonders to its historic colonial cities. Roam the charming lanes of ancient Inca capital...
Length14 daysApprox.$2,980
  • Highlights
Wildlife and pre-Incan heritage sites
Discover the immense diversity of Peru - both in nature and wildlife and its blend of historic and modern cultures. From the surreal...
Length13 daysApprox.$2,320
  • Boutique travel
Lima, Cusco and Machu Picchu
Prepare for Peru's big three! Combine vibrant culture with world-class luxury accommodation and travel through the heartland of Peru...
Length7 daysApprox.$3,020
  • Boutique travel
Escape to the shores of Lake Titicaca
Experience the wonders of Southern Peru! Discover legendary archaeological treasures and magnificent mountain plateaus, coastal...
Length10 daysApprox.$3,090
  • Highlights
Two weeks exploration
Length14 daysApprox.$2,090
  • Highlights
Uncover it all!
Length15 daysApprox.$2,280

Travelling to Peru: final tips and advice

If you’re planning your trip to Peru, a country that’s so far from our own, and you’ve heard about it but have no clear plan yet. You probably have a thousand and one questions. Don’t worry, the teams at have created a practical guide to Peru to answer all your questions! The guide is full of practical information and cultural advice too. How big a budget do you need? That’s usually people’s first question…Did you know that prices are tending to rise and that Peru is not the cheapest place to visit in Latin America? Another common question is about the administrative formalities that have to be completed before leaving for Peru. Well, Europeans don’t need a visa. From a cultural point of view, you’ll learn about traditional and religious festivals that shouldn’t be missed and what the local customs and habits are before you leave, that the religion is a mixture of Christianity and animist cults, and that the national dish is cuy (guinea pig) cooked on a plancha! You’ll also get ideas on itineraries and find out what you can see in ten days, two weeks or a month. All this information and much more is in our Practical Guide to Peru.
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