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Perfect for efficiently preparing for your trip to Argentina travel guide Evaneos Travel has a multitude of essential information- all in one place, beginning with the fundamentals such as the entry process, healthcare, visa information, weather, security and, of course, the typi...Perfect for efficiently preparing for your trip to Argentinatravel guide Evaneos Travel has a multitude of essential information- all in one place, beginning with the fundamentals such as the entry process, healthcare, visa information, weather, security and, of course, the typical budget for daily expenses. Then, get to the meat of the matter by browsing the guide using tabs in order to better organise your search according to your criteria: tango, Spanish, or cooking classes in Buenos Aires, cultural events, a unique stay at the home of a local… Find all the details that you need to plan your dream trip to Argentina. Learn a bit about the history of the country to gain a better understanding of why European culture is so prevalent there, and discover the secrets of coca and mate.Continue reading

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33 Inspiring Trip Ideas in Argentina
  • Highlights
Whistle-stop Buenos Aires
Are you ready for 4 incredible days in Buenos Aires? Immerse yourself in a blend of highlights and off the beaten track experiences. Indulge in...
Length4 daysApprox.$640
  • Adventure
Iguazu Falls tours and Northern Argentina hikes
Explore the nature and culture of Northern Argentina! The trip starts with a grand visit to the unique Iguazu falls, where you will have the chance to...
Length7 daysApprox.$1,880
  • Adventure
Buenos Aires, Bariloche and Perito Moreno
This trip will allow you to discover the diversity of incredible Argentina. From Buenos Aires, the pulsating tango capital, to the impressive...
Length9 daysApprox.$1,700
  • Off the beaten track
Solar Eclipse with Iguazu and Bariloche December 2020
In December of 2020 - a total Solar Eclipse will be visible from one of the world's most beautiful regions, Northern Patagonia. Combine this rare...
Length12 daysApprox.$2,040
  • Highlights
Chile's Pacific Coast to Argentina and Brazil's Atlantic
Explore the highlights of three legendary cities: Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires & Rio de Janeiro. For good measure toss in a pinch...
Length13 daysApprox.$1,830
  • Off the beaten track
Off the tourist track Patagonia
Journey to secluded parts of Argentina and Chile on both sides of the Andes mountains. With a focus on complete immersion into...
Length13 daysApprox.$4,600
  • Highlights
Natural wonders of Patagonia
Craving an active nature escape into wild Patagonia, but missed more a few gym session in the last decade? No problem, we've got you....
Length13 daysApprox.$2,350
  • Highlights
Honeymoon adventure in Argentina 
Experience the beauty of Argentina during 15 days, and embark on a lifetime adventure together! During this trip, you will discover the passionate art...
Length15 daysApprox.$4,030
  • Adventure
Escape to Patagonia's Lake District
Water, water everywhere! Your blissful retreat to nature begins in Bariloche, home to evergreen forests, turquoise lakes...
Length7 daysApprox.$1,870
  • Highlights
Flavors and falls of Argentina
Enjoy a week in beautiful Argentina! Discover the characteristic flavors of Buenos Aires, the incredible Falls in Iguazu, and the unique nature....
Length7 daysApprox.$1,500
  • Adventure
Winter and whales in Patagonia
Visit the friendly giants of the sea! On this 9 day tour, you will have the opportunity to go on whale treks and navigations, enjoy the gorgeous...
Length9 daysApprox.$1,600
  • Adventure
Hike Torres del Paine National Park W-Circuit
Enjoy an 8 day adventure trip in gorgeous Patagonia! During this trip, you will discover the incredible and unique scenery of this amazing region...
Length8 daysApprox.$2,740
  • Adventure
Patagonia, Mendoza and Iguazu waterfalls
This trip will bring you to the most beautiful landscapes in Argentina! From Buenos Aires to Ushuaia, El Calafate and Iguacu, the diversity...
Length11 daysApprox.$2,120
  • Highlights
Nocturnal hikes and jungle waterfalls
Discover the diverse nature scene, flora and fauna of Argentina on this Nature Eco trip! Benefit from the knowledge of your local naturalist guide and...
Length8 daysApprox.$2,350
  • Highlights
Waterfalls and lakes for families
Look at that photo up there, wouldn't this be a nice backdrop for your next family photo? It is taken from a viewpoint overlooking this...
Length8 daysApprox.$2,100
  • Highlights
Empanadas, barbecue and Argentina reds
Food in Argentina is a grand part of the culture. During this trip, you will discover the local gastronomy, learn how to cook Argentine...
Length8 daysApprox.$1,800
  • Off the beaten track
Coastal Patagonia road trip
Not too far from Buenos Aires, rugged northern Patagonia delivers an incredible variety of beaches, resorts and nature, in its purest form. This...
Length14 daysApprox.$3,180
  • Highlights
Road trip Buenos Aires to Salta
Bienvenidos a Argentina! Prepare for an epic road trip across some of the most stunning terrain on Earth! Begin in the...
Length14 daysApprox.$1,600
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  • Adventure
Hiking the Andean Mountains
Embark on a unique expedition across a land of stunning beauty! Along the way, marvel at extraordinary...
Length7 daysApprox.$1,100
join a group
  • Adventure
Andean Mountains on horseback
Saddle up for a journey to the heart of the Andes Mountain Range. Discover hidden lagoons, waterfalls and eternal snow while riding in the...
Length8 daysApprox.$1,480

Travelling to Argentina: final tips and advice

If Argentina’s cultural heritage in particular is what attracts you, don’t miss your chance to explore all of Buenos Aires - from top to bottom. Uniquely cosmopolitan and dynamic, the Argentinian capital is absolutely brimming with places where you can sample culinary specialties or attend a tango show - Argentina’s national pride. Keep your eyes peeled and you may even catch an astonishing tango duo dancing on the sidewalk. Argentinian wines have a great reputation, and a well-deserved one at that. A visit to the vineyards of Mendoza is all it will take to win you over. Travel along a sunny wine road and enjoy new flavours while learning about the processes used by local wine producers. In keeping with the tradition of her Latin American neighbours, Argentina is well known for having a party atmosphere. Cordoba’s student village features countless clubs, bars and discos where you can move to the pulse of the second largest city in the country. If you want a trip to Argentina that’s rich in history, travel to Alta Gracia and follow the traces of colonisation or visit the Jesuit buildings. Gaucho culture is also a part of Argentina’s colonial heritage. Gauchos, very similar to cowboys, raise horses and have a nomadic spirit. Every year, they participate in the Dia de la Tradicion, where you can admire a stunningly beautiful show. Your trip to Argentina is waiting. All that’s missing is you.
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