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Ciao i amici! It is such a pleasure to browse the pages of and to immerse yourself in your next trip, above all when it’s going to take you to the timeless and ever-alluring Italy, land of stories, heritage and beauty... In fact, rare are the destinations in Europe (a...Ciao i amici! It is such a pleasure to browse the pages of and to immerse yourself in your next trip, above all when it’s going to take you to the timeless and ever-alluring Italy, land of stories, heritage and beauty... In fact, rare are the destinations in Europe (and in the world) which can pride themselves on having so many charms, particularly in the capital, Rome. So, any lovers of nature, hiking and sports won’t want to miss out under any circumstances on going to the north of the country: the Dolomites, the Tyrol, and the Alps, names which capture the imagination and are synonymous with adventure and the Winter Olympics (Cortina d’Ampezzo in 1956 or Turin in 2006). Needless to say, the whole of Italy grinds to a halt on the evenings of big calcio (football) matches, when the Squadra Azzurra (the national side) is playing or when some of the most famous derbies in the history of football are at stake (in Genoa, Milan or Rome). Basically, Italy is also a way of life : the reputation of the local cuisine is already firmly established, from caffè to pizza, via pasta, mozzarella or Chianti, to be savoured during a leisurely afternoon somewhere along the sunny coastline! In short, Italy is a prime destination...for the taste buds as much as for the eyes, which will leave you with unforgettable memories, for sure! So, when will your next trip to Italy be?Continue reading

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23 Inspiring Trip Ideas in Italy
  • Highlights
Whistle-stop Rome
Roman history and ​legends combined with Italian cuisine and off-the-beaten-path excursions are the essences of Whistle-stop...
Length4 daysApprox.$830
  • Highlights
Rome, Florence and the Amalfi Coast
Experience the famous sites in and around Rome, Florence & Naples as you journey across the South of Italy, where age-old history, culture and...
Length9 daysApprox.$2,000
  • Off the beaten track
Countryside escape and wine tours in Tuscany
Looking for some privacy and tranquility during your vacation? Wish to experience unique Italian landscapes off the beaten tracks? Wish to...
Length9 daysApprox.$1,830
  • Highlights
Whistle-stop Venice
Discover the true meaning of La Dolce Vita on a weekend getaway, meandering the colorful streets and cruising down the canals of...
Length4 daysApprox.$830
  • Off the beaten track
Best of Sicily
Discover the gorgeous Sicily during 11 incredible days. During this journey, you will explore gorgeous Palermo, have a wine tasting in Erice,...
Length11 daysApprox.$2,890
  • Highlights
Sorrento and Amalfi coast to Tuscany countryside 
Italy boasts a wealth of postcard-perfect coastal towns with breathtaking ocean views. The towns are easy on the eye from sea-level too,...
Length10 daysApprox.$2,500
  • Boutique travel
Lakes of Northern Italy
Italy's northern landscapes are like a fairytale, where rainbow-hued villages line gradient blue-to-green lakes, cradled by forested peaks. Get...
Length5 daysApprox.$4,000
  • Highlights
Puglia for families
What’s Puglia? Hard to say, but we will try to give you an idea! Puglia is the land of all possibilities: from swimming in the crystal blue sea...
Length9 daysApprox.$1,090
  • Highlights
Venice to Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina
Are you ready for the road trip of a lifetime? Set off on a 15 day journey across Italy, Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. Touch down in...
Length15 daysApprox.$2,710
  • Highlights
Road trip of France, Italy and Switzerland
Pick up the keys of your rental car and be free as a bird on this journey through France, Switzerland and Italy. You will start your road trip in the...
Length14 daysApprox.$3,770
  • Off the beaten track
Nature, food and traditions of Southern Italy
Welcome to Southern Italy! Dive into the deep blue of the Adriatic and indulge in that delicious plate of seafood pasta in front of...
Length8 daysApprox.$1,220
  • Highlights
Heel of Italy foods and traditions
​If you could live on one country's food for the rest of your life, it might as well be Italy! Italian cuisine defines so many aspects of...
Length10 daysApprox.$2,890
  • Off the beaten track
Off the tourist track Italy
Set off on a journey across Italy, beyond the reach of mass tourism. Dive deeper into lesser known cities and countryside of unmatched...
Length9 daysApprox.$2,230
  • Highlights
Indulgence in Italy
If the idea of spending an entire week eating Italian food while discovering some of antiquity's most legendary cities sounds like a good...
Length9 daysApprox.$2,890
  • Off the beaten track
Escape to Turin and Piedmont
An often overlooked city and region of Italy; Turin and Piedmont boast incredible experiences, from truffle hunting and uncrowded walks to...
Length7 daysApprox.$2,110
join a group
  • Highlights
Treasures of the Amalfi Coast and Puglia
A warm welcome, smiling locals, the sun and the sea, breath-taking landscapes, delicious cuisine and satisfying limoncello will...
Length10 daysApprox.$2,330
  • Highlights
Whistle-stop Florence
Visit the renaissance city of Italy! Renowned for architecture, art, history, and discovery, Florence will leave you speechless more than...
Length4 daysApprox.$830
join a group
  • Highlights
Wonders of Northern Italy
Dive into an experience you will never forget! In Venice, you will walk, eat and drink like the locals do. Sail in the Gulf of Poets and...
Length10 daysApprox.$2,340
  • Highlights
Rome, Florence and Venice
Discover the finest sights in Italy, starting with the Colosseum and Vatican City. Journey south towards Naples and legendary Pompeii....
Length7 daysApprox.$1,770
  • Boutique travel
Southern Italy for families
Our fully customizable, private 9-day Southern Italy highlights tour has been designed for families traveling with children of all ages....
Length9 daysApprox.$3,110

Travelling to Italy: final tips and advice

As the saying goes, Omnibus viis Romam pervenitur, all roads indeed lead to Rome...and to go from Rome to the Ancient World, culture and history, it takes just one more step. If you go to Italy because you are an enthusiast, a historian or simply curious, you should know that your wildest dreams will quickly come true...and in a way that exceeds your expectations! From Rome to Verona, from Tuscany to Naples, all regions offer an incredibly diverse visiting experience. So, under no circumstances should you miss out on the extraordinary Colosseum of Rome or the Roman Forum and its temples. Leaving out Pompeii, the town preserved in volcanic ash from Vesuvius, would be would be not taking the time to explore every inch of the Uffizi Gallery of Florence if you are a lover of beautiful paintings. A detour through Venice, its canals, its gondolas and its Doge’s Palace could be, similarly, a nice alternative for a weekend. The list is potentially infinite and could lead you to Verona, in the footsteps of Romeo and Juliet, to Pisa and its leaning tower or even to the extraordinary town of Siena, a real jewel of the Renaissance. Travel through time, discover, indulge yourself and enjoy: the whole of Italy which we love...and which it won’t take you long to appreciate either!
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