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An update from Evaneos

Best places to visit in The Philippines

Direction the Philippines! You've chosen the archipelago of 7,000 islands as your next travel destination and you've chosen well. The Philippines inspires dreams and quite rightly so. With stunning beaches, exceptional flora, mysterious mountains and a smiling population, you'll sail from one island to another wishing you never had to leave again. It only remains for you to devise a personal itinerary inspired by the must-see and favourite places of the travellers in the Evaneos community.

Once you arrive in Manila, there are so many beautiful islands to discover and so many outdoor activities, how do you choose? What type of holiday do you envisage?

Do you want to observe the seascape of fauna and flora and enjoy activities linked to the sea? The islands of Cebu and Boholwelcome you with open arms. Or why not head to El Nido and its lagoons of turquoise water bordered by karst cliffs? The region of Visayas is a treasure in this material. A little corner of paradise, the stunning islands ofApo and Coron will delight the most romantic of you. Whilst the adventurers will head towards the Subterranean River National Park or the Monkey Trail on Palawan Island.

Yet the Philippines isn't limited to the beautiful beaches you see on postcards. There are also gorgeous landscapes inland, with terraced rice fields, testament to the Asian influence. As well as volcanoes, some of which are still active, reminding you that you're right in the fire belt of the Pacific. On Luzon Island, Mounts Pinatubo, Tall and Mayon are perfect for hiking and they'll inspire explorers.

The Philippines have been strongly influenced by different cultures and when crossing the region of Mindanao, you'll discover another side of the country, off the beaten track. Authentic and wild, the region attracts those adventurers in search of unexplored lands.

Have a great trip to the Philippines!

Rose Nicolini
Bacuit (The Philippines)
A succession of islands punctuated with lagoons, beaches, karstic cliffs... This archipelago is considered as the most beautiful place ever explored by the sailor, Cousteau.
Batad (The Philippines)
There's no road access to these amazing terraced rice fields, which are a classified UNESCO site.
Bohol (The Philippines)
An island paradise in the south of the Philippines and home to the second smallest primate in the world, a tiny beast with huge eyes, Bohol is also famous for its warmth and smiles given by its people!
From the highest point of the island, you get a breathtaking view over this range of small hills that line Bohol Island.
Honda Bay is located very close to Puerto Princesa and contains a large number of islets and coral reefs at which there is an incredibly rich variety of aquatic life to be found.
A tiny island lying almost lost at the heart of the Visayas, Apo is a veritable paradise for keen divers and snorkelers.
Pamilacan is a small island in the middle of the Visayas. It is still very authentic.
Lying very close to Negros, Cebu et Bohol, the island of Malapascua, remains a secret, lesser known place; has yet to be discovered by mass tourism, and provides an experience of what Southeast Asia was like in the days before there were so many travellers touring the area.
A island between the South China Sea and the Sulu Sea, Palawan Province is a little gem.
The Puerta Princesa Subterranean River National Park is remarkable. It reunites a set of caves which an underground river travels through, in the heart of a luxurious primary forest. For adventurers.
Sabang (The Philippines)
Sabang is a small, peaceful village located in the north of Palawan and mainly famous for being the departure point for visits to the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, which is an enjoyable place to spend some time.
Known for its black magic, Siquijor has numerous enchanting attractions.
Badian Island, or even Zaragosa Island, located close to Badian on Cebu Island.
Banaue (The Philippines)
The gateway to the mountains and home to the Ifugao culture, and one of the most beautiful collections of rice terraces in the whole country.  
Bantayan Island is the main island in a group of small islands. Located north-west of Cebu Island, they're still spared from mass tourism.
Cebu (The Philippines)
Head off to explore Cebu City and its multi-coloured jeepneys; they are worth the trip all on their own! Of course, there's much more to the island of Cebu itself than just that: sunshine, beaches extending as far as the eye can see, and the wonderfully adorable Filipino people.
Coron (The Philippines)
The main town on Busuanga Island. Considered to be the Philippines' shipwreck dive capital.  
Flower Island is a private and virtually deserted island in northern Palawan.
Balicasag lies to the south of Panglao and is famous for its marine wildlife sanctuary.
The Camotes Islands are an archipelago of islands located in the sea of the same name. They're east of Cebu and form part of its province.
Panglao Island is located south of Bohol Island. It's quite touristy and there are lots of things to do.
Much more than a fortress, it's a must-see historic monument with such an eventful past and various characteristics. 
A mountainous area populated by indigenous peoples on the northern part of the Island of Luzon, Kalinga is a region not to be missed by travellers in search of adventure.
Lumiang is a cave in which a large number of coffins have been stored. There are several caves in the Sagada area.
Luzon (The Philippines)
Luzon is the largest of the 7000 islands that make up the Philippines. Mountains, volcanoes, white beaches, tropical forests and an urban jungle - Luzon Island's diversity is mind-boggling.
Maligcong is a village known for growing rice, located north of Manila, in the Philippines.
Naga (The Philippines)
Naga is a student city, popular for its tasty food and its nightlife. 
Pagudpud is a seaside town in the far north of the Philippines.
Sagada (The Philippines)
With its clean mountain air, often surprising cultural sites and a welcoming, laid back atmosphere, Sagada is a great destination for a nature meets culture holiday.
Twin lakes, located near Dumaguete, is a natural park with two freshwater lakes separated by mountains.