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Malapascua Island

Malapascua Island (The Philippines)

Practical information on Malapascua Island

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5 / 5 - One review
How to get there
A little under 4.5 miles from the island of Cebu by boat
When to go

From October to May

Minimum stay
1 to 2 days

Reviews of Malapascua Island

María José Alfonso Fernández Seasoned Traveller
58 written opinions

Lying very close to Negros, Cebu et Bohol, the island of Malapascua, remains a secret, lesser known place; has yet to be discovered by mass tourism, and provides an experience of what Southeast Asia was like in the days before there were so many travellers touring the area.

My suggestion:
I know that the underwater diving at Malapascua is incredible, but please don't miss the opportunity to explore the island itself.
My review

Malapascua is a magical place- an Eden for Christians, Jannah for Muslims, Nirvana for Buddhists - in an area with a perimetre of just two and a half miles, we saw great contrasts and a variety of different kinds of people with very diverse interests. In general, the travellers who come here do so for one very specific reason, for diving. I got to see thresher sharks myself, and that alone was worth the visit.

The island's inhabitants live in small communities and earn their living from the traditional activities of fishing and agriculture. What they do above all, however, is live their lives with permanent smiles on their faces. There are also small numbers of visitors to be seen on the island too. They come here in search of wonderful places to relax, unwind and distance themselves from civilisation, at spots such as Small Beach and Bambu Beach.

If you want to see how Filipinos really live, head for the centre of the island, where you will find clear examples of two of their passions: basketball and karaoke. It was here that I first saw something which I found enchanting; children playing basketball in flip-flops … eat your heart out Michael Jordan!

One of Malapascua's beaches
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