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Mesmerizing nature and history-steeped cities await travelers who explore Vietnam. With a long and storied past, the country is now known as a vibrant and eclectic travel destination. Visit Vietnam in the summer to soak up its tropical charms and discover its many delights from north to south.

Why should I visit Vietnam in the summer ?

Vietnam in the summer is characterized by its tropical climate and is the optimum time to visit the stunning beaches lining the country's eastern shores. The outdoor culture is at its most vibrant in the warmer summer months when vendors set up shop to serve heavenly street cuisine. Locals and travelers alike gather on street corners to enjoy food and drinks late into the balmy evenings.

Best things to do in Vietnam in the summer

Vietnam's summer months are the best time to explore the country's very best, from ever-energetic Saigon to the unquestionable beauty of Ha Long Bay in the north. Evaneos works with local English-speaking travel experts to ensure that you fully experience Vietnam on your vacation.

Reflect on history in Saigon

While Vietnam rockets towards modernity, history runs deep in the nation's fabric. The Ho Chi Minh City Museum, the War Remnants Museum, and the Cu Chi Tunnels are absolutely worth exploring with a guide to better understand not only the lessons of the past but also the optimism locals have for the future.

Cycle imperial Hue

The former Imperial city of Hue is a majestic destination that's sometimes overlooked. Set on the banks of the fragrant Perfume River, Hue is wonderfully cyclable, and no time is better than a peaceful summer morning. You'll be enthralled by various former royal compounds like the Imperial City.

Sail Ha Long Bay

Summer in Vietnam, with its warm evenings, is the perfect time to spend a night on a boat. Float on the ethereal Ha Long Bay with its striking limestone islets and caves.

Visit Vietnam's best beaches

From the famed Phu Quoc Island, the Hon Khoai archipelago, or the white sands of Non Nuoc, soak up the glorious sunshine on Vietnam's paradisiacal beaches. Prepare yourself for warm waters, aquatic activities, and fish and wildlife unique to the Vietnamese coastline.

Explore Hanoi's street food

The streets of Hanoi turn into a city-sized restaurant during the evenings. Outdoor stalls serve up sumptuous Vietnamese classics such as piping hot pho noodle soup, rice noodles with duck, and the classic banh mi baguette sandwich.

What's the weather like in Vietnam in the summer ?

Vietnam has long summers lasting from May to October, with daily temperatures topping 86°F across the country. Heavier rainfall is common throughout these months, though downpours are limited in duration and don't tend to impact daily activities. Rainfall in Central and South Vietnam is more common towards the end of the summer season. The sun in Vietnam can be incredibly intense; precautions including sunscreen, a hat, and cool looser clothing are strongly recommended.

When to go in Vietnam?

The best time to visit Vietnam is the dry season, which lasts from October until April. There are also differences in climate between the north and the south of the country. The winters are cold and misty in the north, while the south enjoys hot, humid weather almost all year round. Head for the north between September and November, when the temperatures are pleasant, while the best time to visit the south is between December and April. Leave in search of a unique civilization set in a superb landscape.
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