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What to do in Vietnam?

Someone talks about Vietnam and you automatically think of spring rolls, pointed hats or shoulder yokes, those large sections of bamboo and their two suspended woven baskets. Our collective imagination has been flooded with these images... But do they correspond to the current reality of Vietnam? Even if they are not all representative of life in the cities, they still subsist in the countryside... However, Vietnam cannot be summarized by these few clichés. Its people have come far with a particularly turbulent 21st century. The country is now decidedly turned towards the future: Vietnam changes and evolves. The former children of the “boat-people” are returning to Saigon to fulfil their dreams and seek success. Hanoi has opened superb art galleries... For many, Vietnam consists of mountains and plateaus, Vietnam is marked by two major waterways, the Red River to the north, and the mother of all rivers, the Mekong to the south. Between equatorial plains, temperate plateaus and high summits, you will be awestruck by the tender green rice paddies, the canyons of Red River and the superb Mekong Delta.... And if beyond its people and nature you still need a reason to visit Vietnam, let’s mention gastronomy! Vietnamese cooking is one of the most renowned worldwide, light and refined by the same token: spring rolls of course, but also Pho, Cha cà, Oc nhoi and other delicious meals...

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When to go in Vietnam?

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Start planning your Vietnam family vacation

Take a family vacation to Vietnam and discover ancient temples, stunning mountain vistas, and bustling cities. These include the energetic Ho Chi Minh City and Phan Thiet's coastal resorts. With centuries of history and culture, your family will find your days filled with color, flavor, and new discoveries.

What makes Vietnam a great destination for families ?

Vietnam is both an excellent cultural vacation spot and a beautiful escape destination. Stick to the beaches for a bit of tranquility, or tour picturesque temples and museums. The local cuisine includes favorites known worldwide, like fresh spring rolls and grilled meat with noodles, and more exotic dishes for adventurous types. Evaneos works with expert, English-speaking local guides who are focused on your family members' travel experience, ensuring an unforgettable trip.

Best things to do in Vietnam with kids

With younger children, the family will appreciate Vietnam's coastal towns, perhaps including tours into the countryside. Older kids and teens will enjoy the larger cities, with their historic landmarks and museums. Imperial buildings and temples are found throughout the country.

Visit mighty Ho Chi Minh City

Once the national capital, Ho Chi Minh City, also known as Saigon, is still the country's largest city. Attractions including the Museum of Vietnamese History and the Independence Palace are sure to hold your interest. Check out the diverse religious sites, including the Thien Hau Pagoda, Central Mosque, and Notre Dame Cathedral.

Hanoi's colonial architecture

The national capital, Hanoi is an ideal destination for families in Vietnam. The architecture of the Old Quarter blends Western and Eastern influences, creating a fascinating backdrop for keen photographers in your family. Important sites include the Temple of Literature and its various lakes.

Swim in Phan Thiet's crystal clear waters

Phan Thiet is ideal for family trips in Vietnam by the ocean. Sunbathe on golden sands, and go swimming or paddling with the kids in the turquoise sea. Try a hot-air balloon ride for unforgettable views, or visit a dragon fruit farm.

Hike Ha Giang's hills

For active Vietnam family vacations, think about visiting Ha Giang. Consider hiking the majestic Ma Pi Leng Pass, or rent a car and drive to this incredible spot with views overlooking the province. The area's peaceful villages offer traditional markets surrounded by stunning mountainous terrain.

Discover Vietnam's imperial past in Hue

Hue was once home to the country's emperors. It houses the Imperial Citadel, a palace and temple complex which offers a look into Vietnam's past. The buildings and areas include the Forbidden Purple City and Thai Hoa Palace.

Tips for planning a family vacation in Vietnam

Vietnam for kids is a great choice, as the culture here is family-oriented. While the country is safe to travel in, secure your valuables and keep them out of view. Make sure to stay hydrated, as the climate is generally warm and humid. For getting about in town, save the numbers of local cab companies, who often have English-speaking operators.

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