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What to do in Vietnam?

Someone talks about Vietnam and you automatically think of spring rolls, pointed hats or shoulder yokes, those large sections of bamboo and their two suspended woven baskets. Our collective imagination has been flooded with these images... But do they correspond to the current reality of Vietnam? Even if they are not all representative of life in the cities, they still subsist in the countryside... However, Vietnam cannot be summarized by these few clichés. Its people have come far with a particularly turbulent 21st century. The country is now decidedly turned towards the future: Vietnam changes and evolves. The former children of the “boat-people” are returning to Saigon to fulfil their dreams and seek success. Hanoi has opened superb art galleries... For many, Vietnam consists of mountains and plateaus, Vietnam is marked by two major waterways, the Red River to the north, and the mother of all rivers, the Mekong to the south. Between equatorial plains, temperate plateaus and high summits, you will be awestruck by the tender green rice paddies, the canyons of Red River and the superb Mekong Delta.... And if beyond its people and nature you still need a reason to visit Vietnam, let’s mention gastronomy! Vietnamese cooking is one of the most renowned worldwide, light and refined by the same token: spring rolls of course, but also Pho, Cha cà, Oc nhoi and other delicious meals...

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When to go in Vietnam?

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Start planning your spring trip to Vietnam

Spring in Vietnam falls between February and April. Everywhere you look, gardens will begin to bloom and the tantalizing scent of flowers will follow you. You’ll see the splendor of nature at its best during springtime in Vietnam, so book your trip for this spectacular season to enjoy the country’s finest attractions. 

Why should I visit Vietnam in spring? 

Spring in Vietnam (February to April) is one of the best times to visit this Asian country. There are plenty of events and festivals to enjoy, and temperatures are rising, making it the perfect time to get up into the mountains or enjoy the beaches. It also makes for a pleasant time to see some of the country’s most interesting historical attractions and magnificent temples. 

The best things to do in Vietnam in spring 

There are many activities to enjoy during spring in Vietnam. It’s a fantastic time to explore national parks, immerse yourself in the local culture, indulge in regional food and drink, shop for gifts in the markets, or simply relax on the beaches. Here are some of the best springtime activities in Vietnam. 

Experience the Lim Festival 

The Lim festival falls early in spring (usually in early February) and is an essential part of the Vietnamese culture. Visit the Bac Ninh province to take part in the cultural activities and see boat processions where locals are in traditional dress. The festival celebrates a nun called Ba Mu, and there are performances of local Quan Ho folk songs.  

Marvel at the splendor of nature in Sapa 

Sapa is one of Vietnam’s most popular hiking regions, and it’s beautiful in spring. The scenery is terrific, so make sure you charge your camera. Don't miss a visit to Muong Hoa Valley to see the mesmerizing rice terraces, explore Ta Phin Cave with its fascinating formations, see the waterfall at Cat Cat Village, and ride the Fansipan Cable Car to float above the mountain scenery.  

Have a city break in Hanoi 

Hanoi is a manic but magnificent place for travelers to explore. The country’s busy capital has a host of historic and natural attractions to see, such as the Hoan Kiem Lake and the splendid scenery at Phu Tay, a temple on a lake. Visit Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum where the former Prime Minister is preserved, or see the Thang Long Imperial Citadel, which has been the center of the city’s dynasties since the 11th century.

Listen to the temple bells at Yen Tu

Pilgrims have climbed Yen Tu, a mountain in the Quang Ninh province, for centuries, and today a striking pagoda still sits atop its peak. The pealing bells are mesmerizing, and the peaceful environment provides an ideal place for reflection and meditation. Plan your trip alongside the Yen Tu festival that starts in January and runs right through spring.  

Spark some romance in Dalat 

Spring in Dalat is ripe for a romantic vacation. This is a popular destination for newlyweds thanks to its beautiful scenery and excellent resorts. Visit the Valley of Love, a pretty park with landscaped gardens and swan-shaped boats on a lake, or visit the gorgeous Datanla waterfall.

 What's the weather like in Vietnam in spring? 

Temperatures rarely go north of 77 degrees Fahrenheit in spring in Vietnam, but come early in the season and you’ll enjoy cooler temperatures. When packing, be sure to include multiple layers for cooler mornings and evenings. Loose-fitting clothes, silk, light wool, and cotton will work well. It may drizzle a little in spring, so a light raincoat or travel umbrella is necessary. 

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