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Hanoi (Vietnam)

Practical information on Hanoi

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4 / 5 - 3 reviews
How to get there
2hr flight from Hồ Chí Minh City
When to go
From November to May
Minimum stay
1 to 2 days

Expériences inoubliables à vivre Hanoi

Reviews of Hanoi

Seasoned Traveller
200 written opinions

Hanoï, the capital of Vietnam, is a huge city of 7 million people, situated to the north of the country.

My suggestion:
Head to the old quarter and watch the world go by, whilst enjoying some 'phởdans' at a street stall.
My review

I have very fond memories of Hanoï. It's got some great walks and exploring its little lanes was fun, despite the sometimes heavy traffic. The roads in the old quarter, known as '36 Old Streets', are named after the crafts that were once sold there. Today the tradition continues. For example, ground floor shops on both sides of a street will sell the same product. So, whilst the goods have a modern twist, the area remains thematic; 'saucepan', 'scooter repair' and 'birdseller' streets await!

Close by you'll find Hoan Kiêm Lake and the Ngoc Son Temple, which you can reach by crossing the Rising Sun Bridge. The walk around the lake is enjoyable; a romantic hotspot where newlyweds often have their wedding photos taken. Could make for a great honeymoon destination.

A lane in Hanoï's old quarter
Marine Faure Seasoned Traveller
48 written opinions

In the north of the country, Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam.

My suggestion:
Why not play a game of badminton, or join in a session of tai chi in a park!
My review

Hanoi is somewhere you must go during your trip to Vietnam. I stayed there 3 day,s and had time to really soak up the atmosphere of the town, which is typically south-east Asian but also reminds me of certain European towns.

I walked around a lot, and managed not to get myself run over by motorbikes or cycles, to which you really have to pay attention - the traffic is impressive and it's everywhere.

I enjoyed walking beside the lakes, watching locals playing chess in a little lane, or young people playing badminton on the pavement. The French quarter looked very European, with its cafe terraces and mass of lanes.

Lake in the centre of Hanoi
Seasoned Traveller
96 written opinions

During your trip to Vietnam, you are bound to go to Hanoi, it's a must see. Culturally and historically rich, Vietnam's capital is charming despite the intense hustle and bustle which some might find suffocating.

My suggestion:
Stroll about early in the morning to see the real Hanoi!
My review

The old historic centre of Hanoi is incredibly busy and it's fascinating! What with motorbikes, taxis and pedestrians, I didn't know which way to turn! Don't hesitate to eat at the stalls along the roads as it's delicious and cheap but be careful of rip offs. I love walking down the 36 streets which each specialise in something different.

Hoan Kiem lake is calm and green. It becomes romantic when night falls, and the benches around the lake fill up with Vietnamese couples. I went to see the puppet show on the water at the north of the lake several times. It was just like being a child again!

I also recommend the Temple of Literature, and Hanoi's numerous lakes which are a treat after all the bustle of the city centre. I also went to the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology which is a bit far from the centre but worth the trip. The Vietnamese Women's Museum is very moving and you understand how women live in the country and the realities of their lives. You should definitely learn more about their story!

Hoan Kiem lake
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