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Culture and Discovery

Formalities for going to Norway

In this article, you'll find all the information you need telling you what formalities are required to go to Norway.
David Debrincat30 October 2015

The place of religion in Norway

In this article you'll find out more about the place of religion in Norway.
David Debrincat30 October 2015

Sport, wellbeing and cuisine in Norway

Norwegian culture is quite well known: salmon and potatoes on the menu, optimal security, no violence, the cult of fitness...Clichés maybe, but also a particular culture ...
Jade Hochart28 October 2015

Politeness, customs and attitude in Norway

There are some things to know about beforehand, in order to better understand the Norwegian culture and avoid cultural shock, like education, customs and the way of life....
Jade Hochart20 October 2015

A honeymoon in Norway is a trip to the heart of nature.

Choose Norway as your honeymoon destination and, like a pair of lovebirds, you can fly off to see a natural habitat that is just waiting to welcome you. As well as seeing...
Ségolène Renoud-Lyat3 November 2015

Safety conditions in Norway

In this article, you'll find a thorough review of the safety conditions in Norway.
David Debrincat30 October 2015

Accessibility for people with disabilities in Norway

Norway recognises the rights of people with disabilities and tries to improve their integration in society, but with some difficulties concerning how laws for the disable...
Ségolène Renoud-Lyat20 October 2015
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