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An update from Evaneos

Gudbrandsdal (Norway)

Practical information on Gudbrandsdal

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4 / 5 - One review
How to get there
A two hour drive from Lillehammer
When to go
In winter or summer
Minimum stay
1 to 2 days

Reviews of Gudbrandsdal

Seasoned Traveller
33 written opinions

A trip back to the past, in the middle of Norway, where you'll find ancient settlements surrounded by beautiful natural scenery.

My suggestion:
Why not enjoy the soothing effect of the countryside with a slice of rye bread and some of the typical local cheese. It's not really a place that you'll need to stay long in, unless you want to take a look at the national parks.
My review

The best thing about travelling in Norway is the simple fact that just getting from one place to another is itself an enriching experience in terms of the beauty of the landscape - providing that you're not inconvenienced by the actual method of transport.

I wasn't thinking about stopping in Gudbradsdalen, but I spent a few hours there on my way from Oslo to Ålesund. The region is scattered with little villages and old farmhouses which have retained their traditional architecture and you really get the feeling of travelling back in time. It's fairly easy to find little cafés that serve drinks and sandwiches, or you could try the local gastronomy. I tried the local cheese which is named after the valley, but usually just called 'brown cheese'. It's a bit sweet with a strong flavour and is made with cow and sheep milk - let's just say it's an acquired taste...

Gudbrandsdal is the perfect departure point for walkers and skiers, or if you just want to visit places in the surrounding area, such as Rondane and Jotunheimen. I also stopped to see one of the surviving wooden medieval churches in Ringebu - it was amazing!

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