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An update from Evaneos

Best places to visit in Norway

Norway stretches out like a dorsal fin giving room to its mountains. It has tourist infrastructures of excellent quality, however getting around the country is a different story. Islands, sounds, fjords, mountain passes and tunnels with roundabouts will become part of daily life if you go travelling in Norway. Advice from the Evaneos Travel community will help you to select your destinations from the many unmissable and surprising places, charming cities and nature reserves.

If you are coming by plane, a stopover in the capital, Oslo is inevitable. In summer you can enjoy lounging around on some of the many café terraces, go and see the city's opera house or the Akershus fortress. Both offer visitors lovely views. In winter, you may be more tempted to go and see the famous Holmenkollen ski jump or just to enjoy the typically Nordic, snowy atmosphere. From Oslo, you can travel by train, car, or boat to explore the many fjords and parks of southern Norway.

After that, take the plane and head for the far north, the part of the country that's hard to locate on a map. Tromsø for example is inside the Arctic circle. It is home to 60,000 inhabitants and is a dynamic city. The Arctic Cathedral, the Polaria Museum and the streets that harmoniously alternate modern and ancient buildings, all offer rich pickings for city strolls before you go to explore the nearby mountains on foot or on skis. This your chance to see the Aurora Borealis. Do you fancy visiting the heart of Lapland? Make sure you visit the centre of Sami culture in Kautokeino, not far from Finland and Sweden.

Do you like islands? The Lofoten Islands are a must-see. However, if you're looking for somewhere even more peaceful, head for the island of Senja, which is a truly varied paradise. There's something for everyone there, from solitude, beaches and fjords to jagged peaks plunging into the sea.

Lastly, since you've gone so far north, you might as well go the whole hog and see the North Pole!

Alta (Norway)
The land of slate, Alta houses the biggest number of rock paintings in Europe. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
A small Norwegian village (approximately 250 inhabitants) in the heart of the mountains and near Geirganger Fjord which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
The cultural heart of Lapland is a delight for the curious and seekers after the Northern Lights.
Lofoten is on my list of the most spectacular places I've seen during my travels.
One of the most northerly points of the continent that you can get to by road. A force of nature.
Senja (Norway)
Senja island is basically unknown compared to the neighbouring Lofoten islands, however in my opinion, it is a true paradise. Everything there is a sight to see!
It is the longest and deepest fjord in Norway and its national emblem. One of its arms, Nærøyfjord, is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
If you're looking for a destination that is less popular and more preserved than the Lofoten islands, then the Vesterålen islands will make you happy for sure!
Stavanger (Norway)
A port in south west Norway, and the third biggest town in the country.
Almost like a fairy tale. You'll find yourself searching everywhere for trolls and princesses.
Tromsø (Norway)
Tromsø is the only European town situated inside the Arctic circle.
Bergen (Norway)
Bergen is well worth a visit both for its rich cultural heritage and its strategic geographic position.
A trip back to the past, in the middle of Norway, where you'll find ancient settlements surrounded by beautiful natural scenery.
Nature, nature, nature. Half way between Bergen and Oslo, Hardangervidda is one of the biggest mountainous plateaus in Europe.
In my view, it was an encounter with history and an amazing natural experience in the national park, around the the biggest glacier on the Norwegian Peninsula.
Loen (Norway)
Loen is a peaceful place which is nevertheless packed with nearby opportunities for breathtaking adventures.
Narvik (Norway)
Narvik is a town in north Norway, inside the Arctic circle, which is known for its railway history, and its role in the second world war, as well as for the beauty of its landscapes.
Norddalen is a haven of tranquillity which comes to life in the summer.
Oslo (Norway)
Oslo is the capital, and an unmissable part of a trip to Norway.
Prepare yourself for a 'Russian Mountains' type trip when you're travelling along the Troll's Footpath which winds around the mountain.
Svolvær, a small town of 4000 inhabitants, is the ideal place for exploring the Lofoten region and its famous islands, located on Norway’s western coast.
Trondheim represents the urban lifestyle combined with a good nightlife and all kinds of places to visit during the day.
Vøringsfossen Waterfall, like so many places in Norway, is spectacular. It is part of the town of Eidfjord, which is located in HardangerviddaNational Park, an area that is much loved by walkers.
Ålesund (Norway)
A port that is famous for its Art Nouveau houses.
Bodø (Norway)
Bodø is the second largest town in the north of Norway. It is on a peninsula.
Situated close to the Vesterålen, Lofoten and Senja isles, Harstad is a crossroads overlooked by tourists.
If you weren't there for the Olympics, it's not too late. Lillehammer has a very good range of opportunities.
Røros (Norway)
Røros is a picturesque village where time seems to have stood still for the last 100 years.
Sortland is the principal town on the Vesterålen Arichpelago and also serves as its arrival point. The ferry from Hurtigen makes a stop at the port here.