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Summer in Norway

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With its dramatic fjords and picture-perfect chocolate box houses, Norway boasts natural beauty at every turn. The cities are both quaint and cosmopolitan, with unmistakable Scandanavian charm. Visit Norway in the summer for your chance to see and experience it all.

Why should I visit Norway in the summer?

Summer in Norway is the best time to visit, with its abundance of daylight and pleasant temperatures. The country comes to life in the summer months, with locals taking to city streets and the countryside to enjoy both urban and natural delights. Summer is also the only time visitors can catch a glimpse of the unique midnight sun phenomenon.

Best things to do in Norway in the summer

Venture north into the starkly beautiful lands of the Arctic Circle, or take to the water to encounter the wildlife that calls Norway home. All this and more awaits those who visit Norway in its sun-kissed summer warmth.

Explore the capital, Oslo

With its unmistakable Scandanavian charm, Oslo's historic attractions including the Royal Palace, Viking Ship Museum, and Oslo Cathedral are at their best in the warm glow of summer. Summer is also the time to enjoy Oslo's dynamic food and drink scene, best served on an outdoor patio.

Discover Geirangerfjord

This stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site forms part of a larger fjord network and is at its most stunning during the summer months. Geirangerfjord is best experienced on a boat excursion. Witness the awe-inspiring vistas around you as you kick back on deck with a drink in hand.

Fun in the midnight sun

In Norway's far north, the clock striking midnight doesn't mean it's time for bed. Bask in the mysterious midnight sunlight during the summer months and keep the action going. Choose from sports like river paddling, cycling, golfing, or perhaps some late-night fishing.

Go on a marine safari

Evaneos' network of local English-speaking travel experts can arrange adventures like a breathtaking safari at sea. Guided boat tours will take you out to amazing offshore habitats. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and wait to catch a glimpse of majestic creatures like the giant king crab and sperm whale.

Drive the Atlantic Ocean Road

This 5-mile route is an unforgettable road trip, taking you along Norway's rugged coastline and through numerous quaint storybook-like villages. Along the way, stop at the Troll Church cave, a marble and limestone formation nestled in the mountains.

What's the weather like in Norway in summer?

Summer in Norway lasts from June to September, with high temperatures reaching between 60 and 70°F. The weather can be variable, but pants, T-shirts, and a light jacket will typically suffice for most weather conditions. Rain showers can happen at any time of the year in Norway, so it's helpful to pack a light waterproof jacket. If you plan to spend any significant time amount of time outdoors, don't forget sunglasses and sunscreen.

When to go in Norway?

The best time to travel to Norway is between May and September. With May comes the arrival of spring, totally transforming the appearance of Norway; the days are longer and the country is filled with flowers in full bloom. Between June and August, the weather can be a little unpredictable: nice, warm weather is as likely as chilly, wet weather. In May and September, the weather is quite mild, with clear skies. It's best to travel during this time unless you absolutely must go skiing no matter what or unless you plan to visit Lapland. The thing is, from October to April, it can be freezing cold and many places of interest are closed to visitors. You should also consider the differences in the climates of the various regions of Norway. For example, the southern part of the country isn't too cold so you can travel there throughout the the entire year. Go and experience fjords, dream archipelagos and the northern lights in this extraordinary country.
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