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Imagine a Norway family vacation amidst fjords and the surreal glow of the Northern Lights. This Scandinavian country has long charmed families with its miles of scenic coastline, stunning landscapes, and outdoor activities suited for all ages. Self-drive, train, and boat excursions are wonderful ideas for traveling through Norway.

What makes Norway a great destination for families? 

One of the world's safest and most beautiful countries, there's plenty of reasons why you should consider family trips in Norway. Most attractions tend to be child-friendly, and there's an abundance of activities whether you're indoors or outdoors. In summer, museums organize games and activities, while theme parks delight with Norwegian folklore full of trolls and mythical creatures. Hotels, hostels, and even campsites provide dedicated lodging for families. Evaneos partners with local agencies to help your family craft the perfect itinerary, where you get to choose the activities and destinations you want.

Best things to do in Norway with kids 

A Norway family vacation won't disappoint, as you immerse yourself in nature and see wildlife as they're meant to be seen. Enjoy the country's urban gems ; theme parks and museums will do their share to make your children budding culture fans. 

Chase the northern lights

Plan your Norwegian vacation to coincide with the northern lights, best experienced from October to March. You and your kids won't forget this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness this supernatural spectacle. Many visitors head for the town of Alta, which falls directly beneath the lights' path.

Go reindeer sledding

Rudolph's friends are ready to take your family on an unforgettable joyride through powdery white snow. Consider a trip with the indigenous Sami herders who will show you their way of life, and later serve you local delicacies in a tent by a roaring fire.

Whale watching thrills

Book a tour in Tromso, Sto, or Andenes to catch orca, humpback, blue, and sperm whales in action. These majestic creatures can usually be seen from October through January. On dry land, more wildlife awaits in the form of elk, walrus, and Arctic foxes. You can observe these animals on guided tours.

Museum hopping

A trip in Norway for families is even better with its captivating museums. The Viking Ship Museum in Oslo is famed for its reconstructed Viking ships, and the Kon-Tiki Museum will inspire your inner explorer. The Norwegian Glacier Museum in Fjaerland boasts a simulated ice tunnel, while Stavanger's Children's Museum showcases 6,000+ items including giant dolls and crazy spinning tops.

Tips for planning a family vacation in Norway

Pack accordingly for the weather based on the season. Consider waterproof jackets, hiking boots, warm hats, and leggings, and a rain cover for your bag. Sunscreen is a must, even at these high latitudes. Plan your itinerary wisely, as traveling across Norway's rugged terrain can take extra time. Save money by stocking up on food at the supermarket, taking overnight trains, and going on outdoor excursions such as hikes.

When to go in Norway?

The best time to travel to Norway is between May and September. With May comes the arrival of spring, totally transforming the appearance of Norway; the days are longer and the country is filled with flowers in full bloom. Between June and August, the weather can be a little unpredictable: nice, warm weather is as likely as chilly, wet weather. In May and September, the weather is quite mild, with clear skies. It's best to travel during this time unless you absolutely must go skiing no matter what or unless you plan to visit Lapland. The thing is, from October to April, it can be freezing cold and many places of interest are closed to visitors. You should also consider the differences in the climates of the various regions of Norway. For example, the southern part of the country isn't too cold so you can travel there throughout the the entire year. Go and experience fjords, dream archipelagos and the northern lights in this extraordinary country.
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