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An update from Evaneos

What to put in your suitcase when travelling in Norway

To satisfy an irrepressible urge to delve into wilderness, discover the legendary fjords or a part of the mythical Lapland region, the choice to go on a trip to Norway seems to be most appropriate. How you pack your suitcase really depends on which season you decide to go.

In summer, you can sometimes wear a T-shirt, but most of the time you may likely need to take long clothing that covers your arms and legs instead. In winter and especially in the northern part of the country, you'll need very warm clothing to withstand the frigid temperatures that will most likely drop below freezing. Don't panic if you realise that you didn't pack for the season, because you can always do a bit of shopping there to help you out.

The same goes for your medical kit. Don't unnecessarily overload yourself, because you'll find everything you need there. If you want, take some conventional medicines to treat any small everyday bumps and bruises, but nothing more. On the other hand, don't forget a good sunscreen, especially if you plan to ski. The sun’s reflection on the snow can do some damage to the skin. Beware of sunburns.

It is downright unthinkable to go to Norway without a camera. The country has some rich and incredibly photogenic scenery. It isn't possible to resist taking lots of pictures. Also, make sure you have enough memory cards to store everything. You'll need your credit card to pay for things or to withdraw money throughout the country. So don't forget to take it with you.

Packing your suitcase

  1. An English-Norwegian translation dictionary to communicate there
  2. A credit card for withdrawls and payments
  3. A copy of your identification documents
  4. High SPF sunscreen to prevent sunburn while skiing
  5. A medical kit to take care of everyday bumps and bruises
  6. Walking shows for your amazing hikes
  7. Mountain gear for going skiing
  8. Most likely, long, warm clothing to bear the cold weather
  9. Light, short clothing, weather permitting
David Debrincat
459 contributions