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An update from Evaneos

Jumpers a-go-go in Norway

In Norway, craftsmanship is key. So you can give your home a makeover, and don't forget to bring back a knitted hat for any friends who feel the cold, as well as some salmon for the foodies.

Number 1 priority: to survive the cold

The Norwegian weather isn't always very kind, to say the least! So, I would advise you to treat yourself to some traditional Norwegian knitwear! On top of that, to ensure that your body temperature doesn't drop too low (!), the purchase of a goat or reindeer skin coat is highly recommended. Of course, in Norway you'll find loads of jumpers, hats, gloves and other warm, knitted items as well as fur clothing. Now you're ready to go out and buy your souvenirs of Norway.

Norway, land of trolls...and salmon!

You really must bring back trolls from Norway. These little Scandinavian goblins are the must-have gift and will please anyone, of any age. If you eat salmon during your entire stay, remember to buy some to take back on your last day. It's much cheaper on the spot! And it sort of extends your holiday.

Coloured houses Norway

Take home some Norwegian craftsmanship

Watches are inexpensive in Norway, and you'll find Swiss watches at lower prices than in their country of origin. Whether it's for watches or any other type of jewellery, don't worry: the savoir-faire is thousands of years old and so the quality is guaranteed. On the decoration side, you'll find lovely porcelain and silverware and fabulous embroideries. The Norwegians also design very beautiful and tasteful objects in painted wood as well as glass and ceramics. It's the land of craftsmanship par excellence.

One last piece of advice...

Don't worry too much about your spending, because the tax-free system means you can get the VAT back on your purchases. It's the time to shop for gifts!

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Updated 3 November 2015
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