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With wide open wilderness, where more than 20 national parks and several World Heritage Sites can be found, Norway is a stunning country. Rich in culture and history, there’s plenty to entertain, and foodies will love the fantastic cuisine on offer here. An adventure trip in Norway is an excellent way to immerse yourself in this country’s traditions amid unspoilt landscapes. 

What makes Norway a great destination for adventure travel? 

Norway is a great place for an adventure vacation. With mountains, fjords, and access to the North Pole, this country has outdoors fun aplenty. Expect to see glaciers, dramatic coastlines and small but dynamic cities on your adventure trip in Norway.  

The best adventure activities in Norway 

With so much variety, it can be difficult for travelers to know where to start with planning a Norway adventure vacation. Here are the best adventure activities in Norway and where to find them. 

Tour the famous fjords of Norway 

Norway is famous for its fjords, and some are so spectacular they have been named UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Geirangerfjord is one of these, with its beautiful blue waters and verdant cliff sides is one such attraction, as well as Naeroyfjord, which has impressive, towering rock formations. Sognefjord is the longest fjord in the country, at almost 130 miles long, and is brilliant for hiking or sailing on its waters.  

Enjoy skiing in the mountains 

With a winter that lasts around six months, high slopes and heaps of good snow make Norway a brilliant skiing and snowboarding destination. Here, you can try your hand at alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, and even telemark skiing, which was invented here. Alternatively, try snowboarding for an extra challenge, or if the wind is right, have a go at snowkiting.

Visit the land of the Vikings 

The Viking Age was one of Norway’s most prosperous, and while it’s long gone, evidence remains of their hold over this land. These excellent traders were as feared as pirates, and you can learn about Norse traditions at the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo or the Lofotr Museum. 

Experience the wild northern lights 

The northern lights are one of the world's most astonishing natural wonders. This phenomenon occurs when charged particles from solar flares collide with atoms and molecules within Earth’s magnetic shield. The result is a stunning light show, with ribbons of green and blue colors dancing across the night’s sky. The lights, or aurora borealis, can be seen from late fall, during the winter, and into early spring. For a brilliant view, go on a cruise ship or head far away from the cities to find some quiet wilderness at night.

Visit the Kjosfossen waterfall 

This powerful waterfall is spellbinding. Its gushing waters fall from a height of over 300 feet, creating a thunderous sound and cloud of mist and spray at the bottom. Kjosfossen is an excellent adventure location during the summer for trekking, as well as in winter for ice climbing. 

Tips for planning an adventure trip in Norway 

You’ll need to plan your adventure trip in Norway well ahead of time, as this country is becoming ever more popular with visitors throughout the year. Check the weather before you travel, as it can be unpredictable, and in winter you’ll need proper ski jackets and thermals for keeping warm. For skiing and northern lights spotting, come in early spring, around March or April, for the best snow and visibility. 

When to go in Norway?

The best time to travel to Norway is between May and September. With May comes the arrival of spring, totally transforming the appearance of Norway; the days are longer and the country is filled with flowers in full bloom. Between June and August, the weather can be a little unpredictable: nice, warm weather is as likely as chilly, wet weather. In May and September, the weather is quite mild, with clear skies. It's best to travel during this time unless you absolutely must go skiing no matter what or unless you plan to visit Lapland. The thing is, from October to April, it can be freezing cold and many places of interest are closed to visitors. You should also consider the differences in the climates of the various regions of Norway. For example, the southern part of the country isn't too cold so you can travel there throughout the the entire year. Go and experience fjords, dream archipelagos and the northern lights in this extraordinary country.
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